Classes & Lectures

Truth Seekers Part II

Live Oak Grange
Wed Jul 19 7pm - 9:30pm Ages: 18+

About Truth Seekers Part II

Last month Mr. Smith laid the foundations to successfully navigate a system that is stacked against the average citizen. He showed ample case law affirming the right to travel, and the importance of knowing the legal definitions of words to avoid manipulation.
This month Mr. Smith will enlighten us with Part II of his presentation, teaching us about the laws, legal structures, and procedures surrounding traffic stops. Learn the strategies that tilt the scales in your favor as he imparts the lessons he’s learned through years of study and experimentation.
To order a CD of critical legal resources that Mr. Smith relies on to win email him at [email protected]
Justin Baker and Dave Ramos are the hosts of Veterans Take Charge radio show on KSCO 1080AM, Sundays, 4-6 pm. They will speak about their dedication to helping our country’s war fighters, past and present.

Free Event