Enter to win four tickets ($126 value) to Danilo Brito at Kuumbwa on Monday, April 1. Doors and dinner beginning at 6 p.m. This show will begin at 7 p.m.

Succinctly described by Mandolin Magazine as being a “…supremely gifted…” musician, Danilo Brito is a virtuoso of the mandolin and has played a key role in bringing traditional Brazilian choro music to a wider audience. Choro, a buoyant form of song with an improvisational nature similar to jazz and blues has a rich history and Brito has simultaneously mastered the genre’s hallmarks while infusing it with new energy and styles. Having won prestigious awards in Brazil, Brito has also collaborated with American mandolin mavericks Mike Marshall and David Grisman and has released a number of acclaimed albums—establishing himself as a key figure in choro—and Brazilian music.

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