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A Neighborhood Guide to Bars and Clubs: South County

THEY SAY as you head south, the weather gets balmier, the folk get friendlier and the music gets livelier. To verify the truth of this local legend, check out these watering holes in Freedom, Watsonville and Moss Landing.

1934 Main St., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge. Country night on Thursdays, Karaoke on Fridays and live music or DJs on Saturdays. Happy hour Monday-Thursday 5-7pm. Open until 12:45am on weekends.

El Alteño
323 Main St., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge. Los Cardenales mariachi band on Fridays at 6:30pm. Open until 11pm.

El Tarasco Cafe
328 Walker St., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge.

Garbini's Hideout
589 Auto Center Dr., Watsonville

Neighborhood bar. Shuffleboard lane. Open until 2am.

Green Valley Grill
40 Penny Lane, Watsonville

Cocktail lounge. Live folk and jazz music Thursday through Saturday. Weekday happy hour 5-6:30pm.

618 Main St., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge includes 20 tequilas. Mariachis on Friday and Saturday nights. Happy hour Monday-Thursday 3-6pm. Open until 9:30pm on weekdays and until 10pm on weekends.

Lorene's Packing Shed
972 Main St., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge. Open until 2am.

Moss Landing Inn
Hwy 1 at Moss Landing

Live rock and blues, karaoke and pool tables, Monday night football. Happy hour Monday-Thursday noon-3pm.

The Villager
1032 E. Lake Ave., Watsonville

Cocktail lounge. Open until 2am.

Wooden Nickel Bar & Grill
1819 Freedom Blvd., Freedom

Neighborhood bar.

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From the October 24-31, 2001 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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