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Cozy spot has been a neighborhood fixture for decades

Cliff Café is a cozy and quaint Pleasure Point neighborhood fixture located right at the corner of 41st Avenue and Portola Dr. Currently closed Wednesdays, they are open every other day from 8am until last seating at 12:45pm. Susan Edson has been owner and operator for the last 31 years, originally working there as a waitress and cook and then purchasing it from the previous owner after the earthquake in 1989. She spoke to GT recently about her restaurant and some highlights from the menu.

What is the vibe and ambiance you’re going for?

SUSAN EDSON: It’s a casual spot that serves mostly breakfast with a few lunch items, too, and we’re also known for serving excellent coffee from Pacific Coffee Roasting Co. of Aptos. We have indoor and outdoor seating, and plans in the future include a permanent outdoor patio space. We’ve been around for a while; we have had a lot of locals throughout the years come in—and now their kids are coming in, too.

What are the most popular breakfast dishes?

We do a lot of omelets, they have three eggs and the way that I do them is unique. We have a lot of options including our Spanish omelet, which has a house-made salsa, white cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream. Another popular one is the Veggie Plus, which has cream cheese, avocado, tomato, olives, and sprouts. And I would say our most popular one has bacon, avocado, tomato, and cheese. We’re also known for our honey whole-wheat pancakes, which are made from scratch. They’re unique and delicious, people love them and they can come with bacon or ham, too. The tofu scrambles are something we’re really known for as well, and we do them differently than anyone else in town. The most popular ones are the veggie tofu scramble and the red pesto tofu scramble. We do have vegan options, and we really have something for everyone including meat eaters, too.

What are a couple of lunch specialties?

One popular lunch item is our tuna melt, which has albacore and apple chunks and is served on whole wheat bread with a slice of white cheddar cheese. And we also have a great B.L.T. sandwich, with really thick cut bacon and optional avocado.

815 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, 831-476-1214.

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