You don’t always have to travel to see great live music—sometimes it winds up right on your doorstep. This week, bands from Georgia, Portland, all around California, and New Orleans (well, stylistically) are peddling their wares in our little town.


Thursday, July 14

New Madrid at The Catalyst Club

New Madrid is a little bit indie and a little bit folk, with a dash of punk and a healthy scoop of talent. They’re one of the most recent names on a long list of ultra-talented and unique groups that call Athens, Georgia home. Since their debut album back in 2012 they have toured extensively, scooping fans up one city at a time and turning themselves into one of the most sought-after live acts in the industry. Come watch a well-oiled rock machine at work.

Show at 8pm. $10 in advance/$15 at the door.


Friday, July 15

Eight Dice Cloth at The Catalyst Club

If you feel like taking a trip down to New Orleans but want to save a few hundred bucks, throw on some beads and a mask, order yourself a big blue drink, and come catch some good ol’ fashioned Southern-style jazz from Eight Dice Cloth. These guys are the real deal, playing primarily Hot Jazz, New Orleans Jazz, a bit of ragtime, a bit of folk—with some Balkan tunes thrown in to boot. They specialize in getting people to dance, so don’t be a bore and get those feet moving down to the Catalyst this Friday.

Show at 8pm. $7 at the door.


Friday, July 15

Jesse Daniels and The Slow Learners at The Crepe Place

Legend has it that Jesse Daniels was raised in an old barn, deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Who (or what) raised him—and whether the rumors are true—is unclear. What is clear, however, is that Jesse Daniels has lived through the high highs and low lows he sings about, and his experience and raw emotion shine through in his twangy, country rock. Bring your boots and do some stompin’.

$8 at the door, show at 9pm


Friday, July 15

Indie-Rock Sampler Show at The Blue Lagoon

This week there’s a veritable pupu platter of West Coast indie talent playing live at The Blue Lagoon. The night will feature Denny Joints out of Oakland, Separate Spines from Sacramento, our very own Dead Recipe, and, all the way from Portland, Oregon, comes Rugby. All these bands are up-and-comers in their own area, and this week they are all coming to you. Don’t miss out on some solid—and cheap—music.

$5 at the door, show at 9pm