Poetry in motion during Dance Week 2011, captured by Adam Freidin.

Poetry in motion during Dance Week 2011, captured by Adam Freidin.

National Dance Week kicks off (pardon the pun) in Santa Cruz Thursday, April 19, at 5:30pm right outside Santa Cruz Weekly’s doors—lucky us!—with performances in front of the Civic, City Hall and the Church Street Library. And what do the organizational wizards at Dance Week Santa Cruz have in store for the dance fans of Santa Cruz? Well, for a full schedule you’ll have to check, but here’s a little taste: Te Hau Nui Polynesian, Santa Cruz Tango, Tannery World Dance, UCSC’s Random With A Purpose and the Hoopalights. And that’s just a hint—in all, 19 dance troups will strut their stuff in the street. The finale, in front of the Civic, will feature the fire dancers of Nocturnal Sunshine.

And just because Dancing in The Streets ends Thursday at 9pm doesn’t mean the fun is over by any means. The Dance in Unlikely Places meme pops up all weekend long, starting at 6:30pm Friday in front of Verve with Mandy Greenlee and Shelly Adams’ Steamy Addictive Verve Excursion and Viva! Latina dance performing at 7pm in front of Motiv.  It continues Saturday at 11:30am with Santa Cruz Sambistas at Trader Joe’s, Te Hau Nui at 5pm in front of Hula’s (appropriately enough) and Santa Cruz Tango—not to be missed—at 6:20pm in front of the Museum of Art and History. On Sunday, Furrst Meating with Tyler Wardwell and Dancers appear in the Cooper House Breezeway at 11am and noon, and the Yabas Dance Company performs at Abbott Square at 4:30pm.

If watching all the fun leaves you dance-curious, there are free dance classes in the offing all week. Here are some highlighted venues and classes:

Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center


9am Balinese

11am Kids Modern 1 (6-8 years)

12:30pm  Kids Modern 2 (8-16 years)

1:45pm Kids Hip Hop (8-16)



10am Zumba

6:30pm  Women’s Sacred Movement



10am  Zumba

5:30pm  Modern with Micha



4:30pm   Teen Contemporary (12-17)

6:15pm  Limon Technique

7:30pm  Senegalese with Oumou



10am   Nia

4:45pm   Hula

6pm  Haitian Folklorico


Motion Pacific


1:30pm  Burlesque Basics

3pm Salsa Partnering and Technique



11am   Contemporary



5:30pm   Mixed Level Tap

6:30pm  Hip Hop Basics




12:30pm  Lunchtime Pilates

7pm  Jazz Basics



5:30pm  Beginning Hip Hop


Louden Nelson Center


6pm  Bellydance for Beginners

8pm  Samba Basics



Palomar Ballroom


5pm  Beginning Hip Hop

7:30pm  Beginning West Coast Swing  (party at 9pm)


Santa Cruz Dance Company


10am Zumba



2:45pm Boys Hip Hop 4-6 years

3:30pm  Hip Hop/Jazz 6-8 years

4:30pm  Hip Hop/Jazz 9-11 years

5:30pm Street Jazz



6:30pm Hip Hop Zumba