Acoustic, Electric, Classic, Greasy, Grimy, Loud and Fast: Santa Cruz has it all this week!

Tuesday, March 22

Black Tusk at The Catalyst Club Atrium

As far as genres go “Sludge Metal” is just about as descriptive as you can get in two words, and it gets even better when the band likes to correct critics and move them more towards their actual genre, which is actually “Swamp Metal” (of course). Once the music starts the descriptors don’t disappoint; these Georgia natives are about as murk and mire as it gets, visually and sonically. While the music is loud and fast, they don’t let theiur classic metal riffs and lyrical plotlines of fallen kingdoms and warrior classes get drowned out by the sludge metal growl. Wear something dirty, and get it dirtier.

Show at 8pm. Tickets $10 in advance and $15 at the door

Wednesday, March 23

Yonder Mountain String Band at The Catalyst Club

With 11 albums to their name in just over 17 years, it’s pretty safe to say these purveyors of progressive American bluegrass have stayed busy since their inception in 1999. More importantly though they have stayed relevant by constantly touring and revamping their already impressive live show, adding to their dedicated following of fans, and continually wowing critics with their unique take on the classic genre that is bluegrass. Come get your fiddle fix.

Show at 8 pm, Tickets $25

Thursday, March 24

Warren Haynes and the Ashes and Dust Band at The Rio Theatre

Having played with everyone from The Allman Brothers to Dave Matthews, winning a Grammy, and being a part of over 40 recorded albums, it’s not hard to discover why Warren Haynes is considered to be on the greatest living guitar players right now. While he is an amazing musician and studio guitarist, he is also a singer-songwriter, which is where his latest project “Ashes and Dust” comes in. Although the album is brand new, many of these songs have been waiting to be recorded for decades. Take a seat and listen to some American rock history.

Show at 8 pm Tickets $25

Friday, March 25

Pat Travers Band at Moe’s Alley

One of Canada’s most talented and celebrated musicians, Pat Travers has been at it since 1977, releasing 16 studio albums and countless other singles and live recording as a keyboard player and rock guitar legend. While his band has gone through countless line-up changes and many a hiatus, his long time band of dedicated fans called “The Hammerheads” believe this may be his strongest lineup yet. Come judge for yourself.

Show at 8:30pm. Tickets $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Friday, March 25th

Powwers at The Crepe Place

If classic Canadian rock doesn’t do it for you on a Friday night, maybe some grimy Seattle punk rock will. Powwers is fresh on the road from the rainy city, and bringing their reverb laced doomsayer themed version of rock to The Crepe this Friday. While the band is new, the punk ethics aren’t and these guys embody them and then some. The pit will be open—come get some new bruises.

Show at 9pm. $8 at the door.