Danny Brown

Back in the day, seafaring men who grew tired of the servitude of naval life would sometimes take up the more egalitarian profession of piracy, roaming popular trade routes and preying on their former nations. Now, we don’t want you to go out and but a flintlock pistol or raid the farmers market, but between the wild and weird captains in town this week you should find it easy to break out of your musical norm and head for more unfamiliar musical waters with a new crew.


Wednesday, October 12

Danny Brown at The Catalyst Club Main Stage

Rapper Danny Brown recently released his third full-length studio album, Atrocity Exhibition, and it’s apparent that he has come a long way from the drug and crime-fueled Detroit streets of his youth. Brown’s cult persona and hypnotic, unique flow have become the buzz of the hip-hop world, where he is heralded as a true original amongst a sea of breakout artists chasing viral fame.

Show at 8pm. Tickets $22 at the door


Thursday, October 11

Matoma at The Catalyst Club Main Stage

TomLagergen akaMatoma is yet another Scandinavian taking the electronic and house charts by storm. At the age of 23, Matoma started to see success in Europe for his hip-hop remix projects. His original tracks gained intense traction stateside, garnering millions of plays on sites like Soundcloud and Spotify.Matoma has become especially popular on the West Coast, where listeners are more keen on his groovy bass and percussion heavy synth tracks. He’s traveling all the way to Santa Cruz from Trondheim, Norway as part of the Party At Your Place Tour. Come out and give the kid a warm welcome.

Show at 9pm. Tickets $20 in advance/$25 at the door


Friday, October 14

Free Radio Santa Cruz Benefit at The Crepe Place

It probably comes as no surprise that the longest running pirate radio station in the U.S. is located right here in Santa Cruz. What might come as a shock is that they have been at it 24-hours a day for the last 21 years. Unfortunately, running a sonic pirate ship just isn’t as cheap as it used to be, so local bands Coffee Zombie Collective, Disiac, and Livia are lending their talents towards a night of fundraising, thrills, and great live music. Not only do guests get to see some great live music, but you also get to meet the pirates that have been ravaging the airwaves for more than two decades.

Show at 8pm. Tickets $10 at the door


Thursday, October 13—Saturday, October 15

Third Annual Santa Cruz Comedy Festival at 10 Local Venues

Taking place over three days and multiple local venues, Santa Cruz Comedy Festival is the brainchild of local comedian and event planner extraordinaire DNA. He’s brought together more than 75 top-tier comedians, bands and entertainers from the Bay Area and abroad for a three-day gathering that can be experienced all over town. The lineup includes Dave Ross of the famous Drunk History videos, Andrew Holmgren from Viceland Flophouse, and Virginia Jones from Portlandia. For the rest of the lineup, visit their website.

Ticket prices and show times vary.