It’s difficult to determine how long a pumpkin will last once it’s been carved. A variety of factors are at play, including local weather conditions, pumpkin skin thickness, and carve design. Estimates range from as low as 48 hours to as high as two weeks. How are you supposed to decide when to make the incision without missing out on the big day?

Although we can’t help you with that scheduling decision, deciding which shows to go to this week should be easy. Four shows in four nights, which will leave you plenty of time to figure out your Jack-o-lantern’s longevity. Personally, we’ll be carving one every night until the 31st. Who doesn’t love pumpkin seeds?


Thursday, October 20

PigManLion at The Crepe Place

Somewhere between Dinosaur Jr. and Odelay-era Beck is the alt-rock beast known as PigManLion. With music and fashion firmly rooted in the 90’s, these local Dad-rockers are bringing back the grungiest decade one alt-rock ballad at a time. These guys aren’t stuck in the past, though, and have their eyes set on the future with the recent release of their first full-length album No Horizon. Dust off of those Doc-Martens, throw on a flannel and come talk about how good Pearl Jam’s first album is.

Show at 9pm. Tickets $8 at the door.

Friday, October 21

Yellowcard at The Catalyst Main Stage

There’s a place off Ocean Avenue,
Where I used to sit and talk with you,
We were both 16 and it felt so right,
Sleeping all day, staying up all night.

If those lyrics didn’t get that guitar riff going in your heard and that next verse lined up, you obviously didn’t spend the early 2000s watching MTV’s TRL (Carson Daily would be so disappointed). While this is easily their most recognizable jam, the group has been around since 1997, disbanding and reforming through multiple labels and decades while releasing a total of ten studio albums. Although their subsequent recorded albums haven’t reached the heights that Ocean Avenue did, the band has crafted an intricate and musically diverse set that sells out venues around the world each year. So go ahead and sleep all day, then come and dance all night.

Show at 8pm. Tickets $25 at the door.

Saturday, October 22

Local Showcase at The Blue Lagoon

As usual, the Blue Lagoon is the spot for a local music fan on a budget. This Saturday the dive-y-est venue in town has quite the bargain for you with Strawberry Girls, JPNSGRLS, PYRO MIDS, and Night Dive all on stage doing things loudly for 500 cents. At only $1.25, you’d be lucky to get a vending machine Snickers for the same deal (coincidentally, this fine treat may also be purchased at the Clue Lagoon!). While their specific styles may vary, all of these bands are rooted in Santa Cruz and are bringing some truly tasty rock, instrumental, and indie music your way.

Show at 9pm. Tickets $5 at the door.

Sunday, October 23

Ra Ra Riot at The Catalyst Main Stage

With humble roots beginning in upstate New York college dance parties, Ra Ra Riot has had quite the journey since their debut in 2008. National blog buzz, personnel changes, and record deals turned into international tours and festival headlines. Besides a little luck and hard work, the secret to their longevity likely lies in their quirky, bouncy, indie-electro funk sound. They’ve been compared to instrumental artist Rat-A-Tat, but with a catchy male falsetto and some tropical flavor. This is the show for anyone looking for a change of pace from the Top 40 or the fast-paced bassy music that currently dominates the airwaves.