With summer officially buried and school back in full swing, we need something weird and wonderful to do. Thankfully, Santa Cruz always provides. Here’s a mix of eclectic live shows and events to help fill that post-summer fun void.


The Next Generation Jazz Orchestra at Kuumbwa Jazz Center

The Monterey Jazz Festival starts this weekend and one of the most interesting acts from the festival is making a stop here in Santa Cruz first. The Next Generation Jazz Orchestra, comprised of 21 of the most talented high school jazz musicians in the country performs at Kuumbwa Jazz Center on Wednesday before they take the festival stage with festival Artist-In-Residence Wynton Marsalis this weekend. Tickets: $12.

SPACE BASS V.58 with Sayer, ONHELL and TREYZILLA at Motiv

Motiv’s monthly event SPACE BASS showcases bass heavy sounds from local and Bay Area producers. Headliner, ONHELL is an up-and-coming producer out of Oakland who creates his own style of bass utilizing vintage synthesizers and cutting edge production tools. Always a spectacle, all of this month’s musicians will be making their SPACE BASS debut, so be prepared for something special. 9 p.m. Tickets: $5.


Anchor Hearts Presents: The Workin Stiffs at The Blue Lagoon

Nothing does the body good like bashing around in a mosh pit. At least that is what the doctor who prescribes my medical card, says. During this punk rock showcase, San Francisco’s Workin’ Stiffs will be joined by three of Santa Cruz’s grimiest punk bands, The Defenders, Sea Wolves, and Surf Combat. Watch them holler on stage while the crowd sweats, drinks, and throws elbows at each other. 9 p.m. Tickets: $5 at the door.


Volcom Stone Presents: Psychic Migrations at The Rio Theatre

Where else but in surf city can you watch a world class surf movie premiere, for free, on a Saturday night? The midtown hot spot premiers veteran surf filmmaker Ryan Thomas’ brand new flick, Psychic Migrations. In the making for nearly two years, the film takes viewers to locations in the West Indies, East Indies, Australia, and Polynesia and features some of surfing’s most talented personalities. Seeking to “weave the physical expression of riding a rousing score of waves with a cerebral odyssey through the spaces and textures traveled to find them,” be prepared for an existential ride into the great blue. 7 p.m.

Comedy Suplex Presents FIST! Combat with The Randy Savages at Bocci’s Cellar

Who knew live music and wrestling went so well together? Watch wrestlers throw and arm-bar each other to the mat for your enjoyment while The Randy Savages make sweet metal music. The three piece band formed in tribute to the legendary wrestler Randy Savage and will play during an eight match tournament featuring local wrestlers, including The Santa Cruz Kid, “Jackpot” Scotty, and The Reno Scum. This is a mashup we can get behind. 8 p.m. Tickets: $10/$15, Front Row $20.

Pictured: Cosmic Cat via Facebook