Richard Stockton Underdog Unleashed

Underdog Unleashed is a 60-second video rant about lifestyle on the central coast, recorded through the steering wheel of Richard Stockton’s live-aboard van. To see the video version of the daily KPIG radio broadcasts (6:30 am & 8:30 am) go to and enter Underdog Unleashed to get to the Underdog Unleashed Playlist.

From from student debt to overdosing cannabis edibles, our lifestyle, our environment and our pet peeves on the Central Coast are skewered, lampooned and roasted.

Warning: while Underdog Unleashed may not cause drowsiness or nausea it may cause you to smoke too much pot, pull rubber bands out of your nose, lose your job and become a Life Coach, and to give up your apartment to live in your car.


In Santa Cruz, CA, former O’Mei’s Restaurant owner Roger Grigsby defended his political donation to David Duke, who is a white nationalist and once a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard. For the new owner’s of O’Mei, Underdog Unleashed ponders a new name for the restaurant…