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Breathing Into Wholeness - Clarity Breathwork

Tue Sep 18 7pm - 8:30pm every Tuesday

About Breathing Into Wholeness - Clarity Breathwork

Clarity Breathwork is a method of self-healing that uses the power of deep, connected breathing along with gentle coaching and evocative music. Breathwork helps reveal and clear unconscious thoughts and beliefs that can often get in the way of our deepest happiness. Sometimes emotions arise, sometimes memories or visions, and sometimes just pure spacious blissfulness as we replace old limiting beliefs with unconditional love. When old limiting thought patterns are uncovered, it is easier to make new, healthier choices and break old habits. When Breathwork is practiced regularly, the mind often becomes more peaceful and the heart more open and loving…and more joy may surface in daily life. Breathwork may also facilitate a feeling of interbeingness with Gaia, our precious Earth, and all of the beings with whom we co-exist.