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Community Permaculture Calls

Santa Cruz Permaculture
Tue May 25 7pm - 8:30pm every Tuesday Ages: family friendly
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About Community Permaculture Calls

Practice permaculture each week at our ‘village campfire’ of ongoing interactive group calls. Hosted by experienced permaculture mentors including Santa Cruz Permaculture founder David Shaw, Lydia Neilsen of Rehydrate the Earth, and John Valenzuela of Cornucopia Food Forests.

The goal of this program is to create thriving and resilient individuals and communities. We do this through supporting people to connect with nature, community, and themselves more deeply, and use permaculture as the vehicle for doing so.

Each call includes a keynote talk on a relevant and seasonal topic. This is followed by a small group conversation for reflection, and a whole group conversation and Q+A. We close the calls with invitations for how you can apply what you’ve learned in your home and community. The next call begins with a check in about how it went applying what you learned.

Our curriculum is ever evolving, changing with the seasons, and influenced by the topics people want to cover. It is dialogical and co-creative. We include and also transcend the topics covered in our permaculture design course. For example, during a 10-week cohort we may spend two weeks on composting (home or commercial), two weeks on no-till agroecology and food forests, a week on habitat and pollinators, a week on designing disaster resilience (personal and neighborhood), a week on economics and right livelihood, and a week on policies to support ecological living. Overall, our goal is to help you and your community thrive using a community based approach to permaculture as the means.

Please note that registration is for the entire 10-week program. There is not an option to sign up for individual weeks.

Learn more and register:

- Garden Bed Preparation
- Setting Up Drip Irrigation
- Greenhouses
- Laundry to Landscape (Greywater)
- Digging Swales
- Spring Orchard and Food Forest Care
- Composting
- Compost Toilets
- Semi-Hardwood Cuttings
- And More! We hope you can join us!

Learn more about and register for the 10-week call series:

- Super Early Bird Discount. $20 per call, $200 for the series. Sign up by February 15.
- Early Bird Discount. $22.50 per call, $225 for the series. Sign up by March 15.
- General. $25 per call, $250 for the series. Sign up by March 30.
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