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Cosmic Pinball + Puffball Collective

About Cosmic Pinball + Puffball Collective

ABOUT COSMIC PINBALL: From the farthest reaches of the funky universe comes Cosmic Pinball. With thick, deep grooves and big, soulful vocals, Cosmic Pinball smashes the boundaries between funk, soul, and rock and roll.

This 7 piece blend of veterans and new blood grew out of the swampy, intergalactic heart of Santa Cruz, California. Vocalists Taylor Rae (local singer/songwriter, 2017 NEXTies Artist of the Year), Scott MacDonald (sessions pro), and Sydney Gorham (classically trained) take turns bringing the lead-vocal fire and backing each other up. Bassist Pete Novembre (Aza, OM Trio, Elephino, Phatty Lumpkin) and drummer Bret Bailey (Shady Groove, Elephino, Blissninnies) lay down tight, punchy grooves that get feet and hips moving. Guitarist Mike Johnson (Room 9, Root System, Amee Chapman, Blazeen) and keyboardist Steve Sofranko (China Cats, Shaky Zimmerman, Zyg, Spirit of '76) shred solos to round out the thick sound.

Honoring their roots while looking to the future, Cosmic Pinball takes you on a trip that starts on your back porch, visits neighboring galaxies, and ends at a disco-tech in Paris.


Based out of Santa Cruz, California, The Puffball Collective consistently performs extended musical journeys crafted to lift you up. We're fun, funky, and love to make you dance.

Guitar, vocals / David Cameron
Bass, vocals / Doug Dirt
Guitar, vocals / Marc Sven
Keys, vocals / Lachlann Kane
Drums / Paul Garcia