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doTERRA Essential Oils Workshop

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Wed Sep 25 6pm - 7:30pm Ages: family friendly
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About doTERRA Essential Oils Workshop

Possibly the most ignored and underrated factor of overall health and well-being is sleep, and similarly, the management of stress. Research has shown that sleep quantity and quality directly influence almost every component of health. Sleep deficiency has been directly linked to dysfunction of nearly every body system and has a negative influence on healthy behaviors like proper nutrition and exercise.

Our facilitator, Marie-Jose (MJ) LeBlanc from Marin county will be showing us doTERRA essential oils routines, and giving out samples. MJ is a knowledgable wellness coach and doTERRA expert, as well a joy to know. You will be glad not to have have missed this workshop opportunity with her.

Adequate quality and quantity of sleep as well as finding ways to minimize daily stress are important for optimum health. You can set up a daily regimen of essential oils to help you in your stress management routines. The oils are joyful and inspiring, and this fact can lead you to employ your self-care habits more so. A supportive routine can lead to better sleep.

Tip: Stop your screen time an hour before bed, add essential oils to hot water for a restful, calming tea and get your diffuser running! is a great formula to support can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep you will get.

Please RSVP by calling 831-515-7522 or by email at [email protected]
There will be healthy snacks to make it easier for those who are “on the go.”

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