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Scoville Units

Cabrillo Crocker Theater
Sat Jan 18 7:30pm Ages: family friendly
Jon ScovilleMaria Basilemicha scottTandy Beal

About Scoville Units

Scoville Units at Cabrillo Crocker Theatre- Two shows only!

Tandy Beal and Company presents Scoville Units - a celebration of Jon Scoville’s extraordinary music—on January 18th and 19th, 2020 at the Cabrillo Crocker Theatre - for two shows only! His music and artistic insights have inspired dances for not only Tandy Beal, but for choreographers around the world. Scoville’s music has been heard internationally on concert stages, circus tents, radio, video, art galleries, corporate events and commercials. One of his many talents is to open the door to wonderment. Scoville Units (named after the scale of spiciness for peppers) is a multi-arts celebration of Scoville’s wide-ranging compositions from cool to hot, accompanied by 32 musicians and dancers, and 2 film-makers.

The diversity of Scoville’s interests will be on full display with music that is tender, funny, introspective, thought-provoking, rhythmic, and zany. Well known local musician Ivan Rosenblum will play a suite of Jon’s piano works, the Bay Area’s Premiere Saxophone Quartet will play Jon’s 7 section suite Sr. Miro’s Saxophone (featured on their CD Magheia), and Jeff Gallagher will play a Scoville clarinet work, with Tandy Beal accompanying. All of them animate Scoville’s vibrant, provocative soundscapes in this 2020 vision.
Collaboration has been a hallmark skill of Jon’s - and Scoville Units highlights this astonishing gift of matching music to visuals. Dance in many forms - Urban Street, Balinese, Brazilian, Ballroom, Basile and Beal - will match his range.
Luh Anderawati (of Berkeley’s Sekyar Jaya) leads a trio of Balinese dancers to Jon’s work called Omni-Gamelan.
San Jose’s elite Hip Hop choreographer Chris Banaga matches Jon’s intriguing scope of instrumentation for a new group choreography.
Maria Basile, artistic Director for sjDanceCo premieres a solo work for Jon’s work Glisten, made in honor of jazz great and friend Paul Motian.
Competitive ballroom dancers Jeremy Pilling and Marinda James-Heskett counterpoint Jon’s music Boots.
Direct from Brazil, Lorin Hanson plays tambourim and dances her award winning Brazilian dance to her early mentor’s music.
Elijah Leone doing a kinetic circus act.
Tandy Beal fills out the dance landscape with Compass Rose to Jon’s all–percussion score from HereAfterHere, featuring Micha Scott. Tandy is also making a new work to Jon’s Three Rivers score with local dance luminaries Zak Bauman, Paula Bliss, Helen Jackson, Rita Rivera, Jane Real, Connie Kreemer, Paula Bliss, Song Nelson, Marlene Pitkow, Cynthia Strauss, Donna Von Joo-Tornell, Jaime Young and more. Tandy says “Jon’s music uplifts, informs, shapes, and locates all that I make”.
But wait, there’s more! Denise Gallant, award-winning film-maker (American Film Institute and Billboard) from Watsonville and Guggenheim winner Ellen Bromberg from San Francisco and Salt Lake City further illuminate the expanse of Scoville’s palette.

As the founding musical director of Tandy Beal and Company, Jon has made over 100 works for the Company. He has also created scores for renowned choreographers world wide: Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, Sara Rudner (from Twyla Tharp), Laura Dean, Doug Nielsen, TranChan (Brazil), Compagnie Hors Taxes of Paris, the Høvik Ballet of Norway — and a host of other American choreographers. His music has been part of art exhibits and installations in Salt Lake, Santa Cruz and San Paolo, Brazil and in shows with the Pickle Family Circus and the Moscow Circus.
Jon’s music has been heard in concerts in Japan, England, Spain, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Hong Kong and on NPR. His ten CDs can be sampled at and

Throughout the year we are honoring Jon Scoville, our founding musical director, and his 20/20 vision that has guided this company from the start. The first of 3 concerts highlighting Jon’s music, Scoville Units reveals a kaleidoscope of music with a visual accompaniment of art delights. In April at the Tannery Colligan Theatre, A Wing and a Prayer presents a narrative side of his music, accompanied by Tandy’s theatrical journey. Next year, the company will present Jon’s musical tour de force with Tandy’s direction of HereAfterHere: a self guided tour of eternity.
This show is sponsored by Rowland and Pat Rebele and the Hyatt Family.