About The Itals

Moe's Alley presents THE ITALS for a Saturday night of classic Jamaican Roots Reggae.

VIDEO- The Itals "Live At Montreal Jazz Festival" 1984 (Full Concert)

Audio "In A Dis Ya Time"
Audio "Don't Wake The Lion"
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The Itals are still vital and bearing ripe fruit. In November and December they will be touring spreading their roots messages, melodies and harmonies across the US in support of their R&B tribute album - Let's Get It On. Love Me Twice, the first single from the new album is getting a lot of airplay and appreciation. Also coming out soon is the repackaged Itals compilation Mind Over Matter, which has been out of print for several years and features many of their biggest hits. The Itals previous release - For The Good Times -- is also available. The Itals DVD - My Way High Way features a song from their 2011 release - Let Them Talk.
Out of Savana La Mar, Jamaica, for years Keith Porter and his band are one of the hardest working touring reggae acts in North America. These music messengers have the horsepower and perseverance to perform in some of the farthest North American outposts. For this sacrifice, they are greatly loved and respected by their fans. Keith Porter's father was a minister in Jamaica, and with these roots, Keith has been bringing forth the message from an early age.
Known for their tight harmonies, and uplifting songs, these reggae ambassadors have been touring fresh and strong since the early eighties. After many hard years on the road, they are still youthful and in good health. Keith Porter has proven himself to be one of the strongest men in the business. His endurance is remarkable. Keith "never gets weary". The Itals are living samples of the "Rasta Philosophy".

The Itals continue to champion the roots reggae sound they helped to create. The band got their start in the late 1960s when friends Alvin "Keith" Porter and Ronnie Davis, then known as the Westmorelites (named after Jamaica's Westmoreland parish), recorded the hit single "Hitey Titey" for Clement "Coxsone" Dodds' esteemed Studio One label. Porter and Davis crossed paths again in 1975 and recorded their classic "Ina Dis Ya Time" as the Itals, taking their name from the Jamaican patois word meaning natural - pure and unprocessed.

The Itals are recognized as one of reggae's premier "harmony groups." The diverse seaside community of Westmoreland, where Keith grew up, greatly influenced his laid-back singing style, and the righteous outlook on life often described in the Itals' music. In contrast to the violence and sexism that runs through some of dancehall's most popular tunes, the Itals' roots reggae sound remains to this day focused on positivity, love and harmony.

"Got to reveal, got to reveal. The truth that is hid, has got to reveal", chant the Itals. "Sing farewell to my enemies. Sing farewell to my enemies -- Alphas love is over me." The Itals songs help us remember God and the Holy Spirit, and to count His many great blessings. Just for the gifts of sight and hearing, we could never be thankful enough. "Temptation is a thing trying to keep me away from Jah glory. I love, I love, I love - Jah glory."