John Robbins says filmmaker Foster Gamble, a friend of his, is "naive" about the political consequences of his new film 'Thrive.'

John Robbins says filmmaker Foster Gamble, a friend of his, is "naive" about the political consequences of his new film 'Thrive.'

Last fall, the acclaimed environmentalist and nutrition guru John Robbins was invited to the home of his friends Foster and Kimberly Carter Gamble, near Santa Cruz, to view the Gambles’ just-completed film, Thrive. Robbins, who makes a brief appearance in the film, says he was “overwhelmed” by what he saw.

“There were parts I liked, but there were other parts that I just detested,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to be rude—we were there with our families—so I just didn't say anything.”

Thrive, which was released online in November and had its theater debut at the Del Mar last month.html, is an uncanny hodgepodge of pseudo-science, Utopian fantasy and veiled right-wing conspiracy theory. Strangely, it also includes onscreen interviews with a number of bona fide progressives, environmentalists and spiritual leaders.

In addition to Robbins, author of the groundbreaking Diet for a New Americain 1987, the film features conversations with Deepak Chopra, the superstar self-help author; Paul Hawken, the green entrepreneur and environmental economist; Elisabet Sahtouris, the evolutionary biologist and philosopher; Duane Elgin, the futurist and author of Voluntary Simplicity; Vandana Shiva, the physicist and advocate for sustainable agriculture; and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

In the months since the film’s release, Robbins says, he has been in communication with all of these folks. He wasn’t surprised to find that many of them agreed with his assessment of the film.

While they might have hoped the film would just disappear, Thrivehas become something of a Web cult phenomenon—by  some estimates it’s been seen by more than 1 million people. And now they have decided to speak out.

In a just-released statement, Robbins, Chopra, Hawken, Sahtouris, Elgin, Shiva and Mitchell write that they have “grave disagreements” with some parts of the film.

“We are dismayed that our participation is being used to give credibility to ideas and agendas that we see as dangerously misguided. We stand by what each of us said when we were interviewed. But we have grave disagreements with some of the film’s content and feel the need to make this public statement to avoid the appearance that our presence in the film constitutes any kind of endorsement.”

Update, April 13: Two more progressives who make appearances in “Thrive” have added their names to the letter denouncing the film: Amy Goodman, the host of public radio's “Democracy Now,” and John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

Talking about Thrive last week, Robbins enumerated a long list of complaints. Much of his critique is centered on the film’s politics. 

“Foster says he’s not advancing a political agenda,” Robbins says, “but his sources certainly are.”

Robbins is particularly galled by the presence of G. Edward Griffin and David Icke—both of whom who are featured prominently in the film and on the Gambles’ elaborate website ( Griffin is a prominent member of the ultra-right-wing John Birch Society, while Icke has one-upped the world’s most ambitious conspiracy theorists with his notion that the world’s secret rulers are actually descended from a hybrid species of evil half-human “Reptilians.” (Ironically—or hypocritically—neither of these facts is revealed in Thrive.)

Both Griffin and Icke have long defended themselves against charges of anti-Semitism with needle-threading arguments pointing out that while the enemy is decidedly Zionist, it is only coincidentally Jewish. Similarly, although his movie echoes Joseph Goebbels’ The Eternal Jew, Gamble insists in Thrivethat the conspiracy he describes “is not a Jewish agenda.”

But Robbins isn't buying that. He says that in private correspondence, he learned that his friend was being influenced by the ideas of Eustace Mullins, whom he calls “the most anti-Semitic public figure in U.S. history.”

Foster Gamble did not respond to an email request for an interview to respond, but there is certainly evidence in Thrivethat Mullins’ views influenced him. One of the central features of the film is the supposed revelation that the Federal Reserve Bank is a criminal enterprise; Mullins is the man who gave birth to that theory, in his 1952 book  The Secret of the Federal Reserve.

The following year, Mullins published his most notorious tract, “Adolf Hitler: An Appreciation,” which praises the Fuhrer for his crusade against the “Jewish International bankers” who were attempting to take over the world. In subsequent books, Mullins argued that the Holocaust never happened and that the Jewish race is inherently “parasitic.” Incredibly, Mullins also insisted until his death that he was not an anti-Semite.

Robbins does not in any way accuse Gamble of bigotry—but rather of dangerous naievete. “Foster isn’t anti-Semitic,” Robbins says, “but he is listening deeply to and promulgating the ideas of Eustace Mullins.”


Privilege and Responsibility

In issuing their statement distancing themselves from Thrive, Robbins and his colleagues point out that they are “dismayed” that the Gambles refused to let them know what the film was about until the time of its public release. In interviews with the Weeklyseveral weeks ago, Paul Hawken and Elisabet Sahtouris both said Foster Gamble misrepresented the film when he asked them to participate.

Robbins says it’s clear that Gamble used him and the others to draw people to Thrive. He is distressed that the film weaves progressive ideas into its paranoid, radical libertarian narrative. But he stops short of accusing Gamble of deliberately deceiving his audience.

“Foster is extremely naïve about the political consequences of his film,” Robbins concludes.

But how could someone be so naïve? Robbins says he is in a unique position to be able to answer that question.

“The bubble of entitlement that he has lived in is almost impossible to understand if you haven’t lived in it.”

As it happens, John Robbins and Foster Gamble have lived uncannily parallel lives. Robbins was born heir to the Baskin-Robbins ice cream fortune, and Gamble was born heir to the Proctor & Gamble cosmetics fortune. Both men rejected the destinies their families had chosen for them, and both moved to Santa Cruz.

Although the men would later become friends, a couple of crucial decisions set them on very different paths. In the early 1980s, Robbins decided to disinherit himself from his family’s wealth. After his Diet for a New America, which wedded personal and environmental health, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he went on to live a very public life, writing books and heading organizations advocating for the environment and a plant-based diet. His newest book, No Happy Cows: Dispatches from the Frontlines of the Food Revolution, was published April 1.

Gamble also walked away from his family’s business, but chose to accept his inheritance—and use it to go on the personal quest which led him to the series of extraordinary conclusions documented in Thrive.

Robbins points what he sees as a crucial error in Thrive, which he believe is the result of a blind spot caused by Gamble’s “bubble.”

“Foster wants us to follow the money, and leads us to a group of obscenely wealthy families using their extravagant wealth for ill,” he says. “But nowhere in his film does he mention the Koch brothers.”

Robbins points out that David and Charles Koch, the multi-billionaire heirs of the second-largest privately held company in the nation, who are using their vast wealth to bankroll the radical right, espouse the same libertarian agenda promoted by Thrive.  (He also points out that their father, Fred C. Koch, was one of the founding members of the John Birch Society.)

Like many progressives, Robbins sees the Koch brothers as two of the most dangerous men in American politics.

“If you want to follow the money, it leads to the Koch brothers,” he says, “If Foster had gone after them. I’d be right there with him.”


  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Please visit the Thrive-Debunked blog for a wider perspective of problems created by the movie THRIVE.

  • Human as you

    Just look at all the bills Obama has signed in the last 4 months basically abolishing our constitution and bill of rights, we are right no track to One World Government, funny how this person points out to certain people not being part of the mainstream, I mean! heck everyone knows the “mainstream” is nothing but a manipulated scripted theater.  60% fall in viewership of “mainstream” media in the last 4 months should give you an idea of the awakening that is happening.  Some people will simply not wake up, not even when they come knocking at their door and are led into the trains… they will believe it is being done for their “safety”.
    Blessings and love to all

  • Mark

    Thank you for your courage in writing this article.

    That’s the same Foster Gamble who interfered with people trying to stop the LBAM spraying over Santa Cruz a few years ago.

    That’s not a misprint. Gamble founded the group called CASS that was supposed to be against the spraying.

    But he kept harassing a bunch of kind hearted people who were actually working effectively to stop the spraying. Some of them quit because of his interference.

    It seemed as though he wanted to be in charge so he could prevent anyone from actually stopping the spraying.


    While much can be said either way about the movie Thrive, the point of the movie is to get people thinking instead of being focused on what is on TV during prime time hours.

    The critical reviews I am now reading around the internet are pretty basic as far as I can see. Complaints about things Foster says creates “leaps” leading to more questions. Really? This is the point of the movie. Get people to think, ask questions and find their own answers.

    With the gigantic number of Americans dumbed down on mind numbing pharmaceuticals (10% of the US military is now on some form of anti-depressant) someone has to ask the basic questions Foster asked. Any businessman will know the answers all wont be in the first film, leading to a second film. Isnt that assumption almost a given? Why didnt John Robbins write EVERYTHING about nutrition all in ONE book? He choose to sell several books instead. Do you get my point? Robbins is highly critical of Gamble on this, yet Robbins does the exact same thing.

    You know this is all really petty. Foster does not have to clearly spell out “Koch Brothers” in his film. Doing some research as recommended in the movie will ultimately lead you straight to the Koch Brothers.

    If Foster misrepresented the film and its points to the disgruntled group I agree that was incredibly stupid and wrong. But, How was it misrepresented? I think to be fair to Foster Gamble this should be written out in full detail how Robbins and others feel they were misrepresented.

    So how did it go exactly Mr Robbins? Foster asked you to be in a movie about free energy and how ideas could become actions if we just start waking up? He also told you he was going to cover the big banks? And you agreed and did the interview right? And then whats next? You found out people like David Icke were also in the film and your political agendas dont match Fosters agendas so now you are angry and feel misrepresented?

    Did you not ask Foster the right questions? Who else would be interviewed for the film, What are the main points being covered, is there anything that could be deemed controversial, and so on. Dont you have some burden at all to ask simple basic questions before appearing a movie that could potentially go viral on the internet? Some due diligence perhaps?

    From personal life experiences, I think there is a little bit of truth in each of your sides of the story and therefore both share the fault.

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    Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course, over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair

  • Hey Zeus

    Thrive is a personal film of one man’s journey to understand the world. I’m sure if I or any one individual made such a film it would at times seem naive and have holes. I praise Foster’s courage and choice to make the film.
    Light, Love & All Thrive.

  • FrannyB

    A very interesting read. The fact that the sources in the movie are backing away from the film does sort of reinforce Mr. Johnson’s prior article aimed at destroying the film. But I am concerned by the Weekly’s apparent incessant drive to hate on this movie. I have to wonder if there is a personal vendetta or grudge being carried out… Because, while this is all interesting and rightly critical, why else would the filmmakers not be interviewed for this piece? Foster Gamble didn’t respond to an email request, as in one? Shouldn’t journalists keep trying, so that if he never responds you can at least say “after a dozen calls to Gamble, he didn’t respond for an interview?” While the article is intriguing, it’s entirely one-sided and should have been in the opinion section—not presented as news.

  • lookagain

    This website is obviously biased. I am all for criticism and skepticism but the content of that site has an agenda all it’s own.

    In example: the “debunking” of crop circles while sounding very sciencey omits the majority of the data found by crop circle researchers and offers the flimsy excuse that crop circles are made by humans for advertising puropses! Give me a break.

    Ever a cursory review of the actual evidence put up against this flimsy attempt at psuedo-skepticism will show the arguments presented hold no water.

    REader beware.

  • JMarko Nottell

    Them that gots-

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Muertos, the intrepid and indefatigable THRIVE-Debunked blogger—- who may or may not be a paid government disinformation intelligence agent out to destroy the credibility of THRIVE—- has posted a new article about the impending implosion of the movie, including a statement by John Robbins himself, which John posted as a comment on the blog.

    I’m not sure why Eric Johnson, the author of the above article did not publish the letter in its entirety, but since John Robbins did make it public on the Thrive-Debunked site, then I copy the document here with the signatures of the notorious “Gang of Nine.”


    from John Robbins:

    “We are a group of people who were interviewed for and appear in the movie Thrive, and who hereby publicly disassociate ourselves from the film.

    Thrive is a very different film from what we were led to expect when we agreed to be interviewed. We are dismayed that we were not given a chance to know its content until the time of its public release. We are equally dismayed that our participation is being used to give credibility to ideas and agendas that we see as dangerously misguided.

    We stand by what each of us said when we were interviewed. But we have grave disagreements with some of the film’s content and feel the need to make this public statement to avoid the appearance that our presence in the film constitutes any kind of endorsement.

    Signatories (in alphabetical order)

    Deepak Chopra

    Duane Elgin

    Amy Goodman

    Paul Hawken

    Edgar Mitchell

    John Perkins

    John Robbins

    Elisabet Sahtouris

    Vandana Shiva

  • Suzanne Taylor

    To add some info to all this, I made the documentary,  “What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”, and was invited to look at a rough cut of THRIVE to review the crop circle content. It concerned me that THRIVE took positions that I thought people who were interviewed would object to, and I said I thought it was urgent to confirm with them that indeed they would be happy being in the movie. That never happened, and the statement some of them just issued is the other shoe dropping.





  • blud154

    This is the best comment Ive read so far. I’ve noticed a lot more people waking up, and it seems to be increasing day to day. There are some people who I think will never wake up till its to late.

  • Jo

    I’ve seen the Thrive movie and found it really intriguing, even though I didn’t follow some of it (Free Energy??  Who’s behind the Fed???  Why???) some I did and thought was BS (David Icke, kind of Icky) some I know some about and thought was great to get out in public (the science of the Torus!!! finally!!) 

      There were ideas in this film that were so far left politically that they verged on, on, on Libertarian!!  And some maybe so far right that they were, sayy… Libertarian!  And most that were somewhere in between.  If you understand how a Torus works when it ‘circulates’ you can see how different ideas can be viewed as politically different [left/right/center/none of the above/all of the above] depending on your perspective and the way you spin them.

      What strikes me as funny, is that people get so freaked out, that someone else might have a mixed bag of ideas, some of which you agree w/and some you don’t.  Next thing they’re that most evil of all beings an anti-semite!!  In watching the film, I had no impression that John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Duane Elgin, et al—(all of whom I respect tremendously, and their right to be pissed off and speak out about it.  I hope they spoke directly to Gamble as well, and gave him their earful.)—believed in some of what others like David Icke, Nassim Harremein, etc., (don’t even remember Griffin in the film) or Foster Gamble himself seemed to believe in (or were even from the same planet, [which made me think again about the possibility of aliens and reptilians!!])

      All the film represented, was what Foster Gamble and his wife (presumably) think,—which presumably agrees w/what the interviewees had to say in the film,—not that they all agree w/him.  He said his ideas were based on his experiences and it pictured him learning from them, not vice-versa.  He may learn so much from this film experience that he’ll change at least some of his mind. (Especially once the reptilian, anti-semitic, vegetarian, conspiratorial bankers—[See, I always thought that was a left wing conspiracy?!?  Who knew?]—get to him!) 

      The film made you think, and question FG’s thinking, and your own thinking.  Now that’s some kind of alien conspiracy ‘gainst the ‘merikan way right thar!  (Oops, there I goes bein anti-southern white trash again!

      “You know, when you lose your sense of humor, it’s not funny.”

    btw, thanks for the clue on what state Sacto is the capital of, wudda missed it otherwise!

  • Aber Aflem

    I sensed a sort of misguided foul play from the get go- anyone asking me to “Follow The Money” but I have to pay 5$ to do it, and the dangerous carrot dangling types of political reform suggestions that in the end will leave people with- more money( yaaay—-not) seemed like a joke.
    Clean energy? Yes.
    Community? Yes.
    Perpetuate the monetary market paradigm and continue to blame the rich rather than addressing the corrupt by design socioeconomic system itself as the root cause of our problems? HECK NO.

    I want real sustainable change, and it won’t happen by throwing money at the problems.

    Thanks for the article.
    Have a great night/day everyone.

  • Ronald McDonald

    Golly gee-willikers, boys and girls, please, . . .  pretty please, . . . let’s just not be so negative about the THRIVE movie shall we, and instead, let’s look at things on the bright side and see how we can all best make our conflicts transform into a fun-fun, win-win situation, and then we can all be happy, but most of all, we can all . . . . T-H-R-I-V-E!!!

    Now since I’m the mascot of the happiest company and biggest food franchise on the entire planet earth, I hope you might consider my humble idea for helping all of you boys and girls here experience real thriving fun!

    What say that everyone reading this article go out today to the Baskin-Robbins store in your own hometown with your friends and family and order up your favorite ice cream cone or sundae or cake and just gorge on all that delicious dairy and sugar stuff. (Of course I would advise first a visit to my Golden Arches for a wonderful Happy Meal of our scrumptious protein. Then it’s on to dessert!)

    Then on the way home from B-R, be sure to stop in at your favorite super-market to buy an appropriate product made by the Procter & Gamble company!  In this case of coming home from Baskin-Robbins, I suggest that everyone buy a tube of Crest Toothpaste, which has been the signature product of P&G since 1955. 

    Then once you get home, boys and girls, and before you collapse from near insulin shock, please be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly with Foster’s favorite Crest Toothpaste, and then you can wash away all the icke bacteria—- (OMG, David, I’m so sorry, I meant to type ICKY bacteria, please forgive my typo)——that just love to eat their own favorite “happy meals” which consist of all the sugar they can find stuck on your teeth, especially after eating so much B-R ice cream and cake!

    As you might imagine, I am just bursting with wonderful family fun ideas for both B-R and P&G to cross-promote the movie THRIVE. Can you say action figures?  Bobble-head dolls?  But let’s wait on the store promotion stuff. I think it’s sufficient now just to enjoy that B-R ice cream and brush your teeth with Crest.

    Toodle-oo for now!!


  • Aber Aflem

    Nuff Said!
    to wake up is important- but are people awake if they open their eyes to a lie?

    When the bulk of the intervewees(is that a word?) that gave the film credibility- withdraw their support-publicly- I think it is important to keep that in mind when considering the message the film was giving. If we are talking about waking up- great i am all for it, but if we are talking about blindly following, or using as a reference, an agenda that has no credibility, then i am gonna pass. Thrive is in the category of another propaganda film- that happened to successfully tap(market agenda to) a demographic of people that had yet to be tapped in a larger scale way- those that love sacred geometry, or i could put that in a nicer softer way and say- it’s fiction, not a documentary- which is totally okay- but let’s recognize it for what it is. I do really like Nassim( he didn’t renounce his support) -though i was interested in his perspective long before Thrive.

  • Mortem ad Duis cartels

    Koch brothers are the distraction from the real owners. Koch brothers money is like the forgotten change in the couch cushions for the Rothschilds. Robbins is obviously and idiot, shill or both.

  • Horus-Torus

    Liar! Liar! THRIVE on fire!

  • LeeW

    Foster and Kimberly are currently on tour hosting THRIVE screenings and meeting with various solutions groups in cities around the US. They look forward to offering a full response as soon as they have time. Meanwhile, Foster never received an email requesting a comment, and they never intentionally misled anyone in the movie. This statement has been in the credits of THRIVE all along: 

    “The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.” 

    We do not know of any film- documentary or otherwise- that could get made giving final say to the people who are in it. As those disassociating acknowledge, they stand by what was quoted in THRIVE and gave full authorization for their presence in a film that was described at the time as “a bold look at what is in the way of our thriving and what we can do about it”. A fuller response is coming. Thank you for your patience. 

    The THRIVE team

  • LeeW

    Foster and Kimberly are currently on tour hosting THRIVE screenings and meeting with various solutions groups in cities around the US. They look forward to offering a full response as soon as they have time. Meanwhile, Foster never received an email requesting a comment, and they never intentionally misled anyone in the movie. This statement has been in the credits of THRIVE all along: 

    “The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.” 

    We do not know of any film- documentary or otherwise- that could get made giving final say to the people who are in it. As those disassociating acknowledge, they stand by what was quoted in THRIVE and gave full authorization for their presence in a film that was described at the time as “a bold look at what is in the way of our thriving and what we can do about it”. A fuller response is coming. Thank you for your patience. 

    The THRIVE team

    PS I am filming the process of posting this, a third time! Thx.

  • Armando Blanco

    One needs to look no further than the DVD cover… A woman who is blind folded exposing one eye (All-Seeing Eye), the hand lifting showing the “okay” sign (666), and a rising sun emanating from the “v” in thrive all should be a red flag.  We then have lizard-men Dr. Steven Greer and David Icke not helping with their illusions.  We also have a former astronaut…  If one wants to leave the planet, one must be a freemason.  This thing is filled with masons and lizards.

    It’s just their old tricks folks, lure you in with some truth, then mess you up with their Old World Order programming.

    Take what you need, then move on.

  • Horus-Torus

    Oh, puh-leeze stop it with the unctuous and self-righteous PR flacking!  Gag me with a spoon!  All right, Ms. or Mr. Lee, let’s how you spin this little tawdry episode of misrepresentation in the THRIVE movie concerning Adam Trombly and the energy devices that were shown in Thrive.

    Correcting the Record: Adam Trombly, Thrive, and the Homopolar Generator
    By Global Energy Systems
    Mar 15, 2012

    A new movie has been produced by Foster Gamble, called Thrive. In it, the filmmaker interviews Adam Trombly about suppressed technologies. Trombly talks about a generator that he and Kahn developed, but the generator that he shows in the photos (both on his website and in the film) are NOT of his closed path homopolar generator, they are photos of a device invented and built entirely by David Farnsworth in 1996. Farnsworth was also the man who invented, designed, and built the solid state generator with the 54:1 output ratio that was shown working by Farnsworth & Trombly to the U.S. Congress in 1989 right before Adam went and spoke to the United Nations.

    How do we know this? Farnsworth is one of the consulting engineers who sometimes works with GES, and he has graciously agreed to allow us to post a few of the original photos of his generator taken with a Polaroid in his lab in Oregon. To help you compare them to Trombly’s photos, we have also included one of them below. There is a world of difference between those who can and do, and those who only talk and build their own egos. The GES team is real.

    “Adam Trombly has never requested, nor have I ever given, permission to use my photos in any way. Nor was my permission sought or given prior to my photos being used in the movie Thrive, or at any time since.” — David Farnsworth

    We can only presume that Gamble, the filmmaker, does not understand the situation. If a man will tell a “small” lie, then how can anyone believe anything they say? Such behavior only harms the credibility of the real alternative energy science community.

    [Scroll down below the photos to read the full letter written by David Farnsworth.]

  • Eric Johnson

    For the record, I sent an email, labeled urgent, through the “Thrive” media contact page on April 6. I received a reply later that day from Karen Larsen of Larsen Associates saying “I will send this request to Foster.”

    As for the weak disclaimer that appears at the end of the film, it was obviously insufficient—I don’t know of any documentary in which all of the most credible people in the film feel a need to issue a statement denouncing it. I had personal correspondence with three of them, and they all said they felt misled. I believe them.

  • Eric Johnson

    Please see my response above.

  • Old Nick

    The debunking continues into the comments section where you find illuminating discussions on the kind of people who collect crop circle data and how and why they present it.
    If you’re all for criticism and skepticism then by all means give it a read.

  • Horus-Torus

    Hi Armando,

    You forgot to mention the release date of the movie:  11/11/11

    Of course 11 + 11 + 11 = 33

    Now what degree Mason was Buzz Aldrin when he performed that Masonic ceremony on the moon in 1969?

  • LeeW

    Foster and Kimberly are currently on tour hosting THRIVE screenings and meeting with various solutions groups in cities around the US. They look forward to offering a full response as soon as they have time. Meanwhile, Foster never received an email requesting a comment, and they never intentionally misled anyone in the movie. This statement has been in the credits of THRIVE all along:

    “The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.”

    We do not know of any film- documentary or otherwise- that could get made giving final say to the people who are in it. As those disassociating acknowledge, they stand by what was quoted in THRIVE and gave full authorization for their presence in a film that was described at the time as “a bold look at what is in the way of our thriving and what we can do about it”. A fuller response is coming. Thank you for your patience.

    The THRIVE team

  • Mortem ad Duis cartels

    Don’t know about the free energy and alien stuff, but the bank/military industrial complex stuff is right on the money. Love that pyramid diagram, it says volumes. Right Rothchilds, Rockafellers, warburgs, Morgans, Mellons, etc. Koch brothers have nothing on this banking cartel that owns the Federal Reserve that enslaved us!
    Koch brothers are a distraction and are not the problem. Look at who owns the fed, IMF and world bank…that’s the problem also soros, turner and buffet
    Occupy,, CNN, hbo, buffet rule….these are all disinformation and distractions from the real criminals and thieves!!!

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    The Daily Bell is an online Libertarian publication that focuses on free-market issues and champions Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian School of Economics. They have also published the most comprehensive and revealing interview with Foster Gamble to be found online to date.

    But here they have responded to and even quoted extensively from Eric’s article

    As Predicted, Attacks on Thrive, the Movie Have Begun

    Their problem is with all the New Agey and UFO stuff that they believe threatens to drown out Foster’s strong Libertarian message.

  • Gus diZerega

    A movie such as Thrive makes powerful claims about the whole of history and the suppression of technologies that if available would do enormous good for the world.

    If true it upends almost everyone’s understanding of how our politics, technology, and economy work.  As such, its producers have to meet very rigorous standards if they are to deserve being taken seriously. There may indeed be conspiracies, but a movie with so many weaknesses serves more to discredit conspiracy theories than shed light on any real conspiracy.

    This is over and above the libertarian bafflegab that the movie promotes, and the web site promotes even more. 

    To be open, I do have a dog in this fight, for I am one of the authors in a critique of the movie’s ;libertarian agenda published by the Praxis Peace Institute in Sonoma.  (To see the piece the PDF download text is just below the red “libertarianism debunked”

  • xsited1

    The Koch brothers are two of the most dangerous men in American politics?  Well, okay.  But Obama is currently in the White House and the last time I checked the Koch brothers are not supporting him.  Obama is perhaps the biggest crony capitalist ever to occupy the White House.  Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle.  This extremism on both sides is really getting old.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Santa Cruz Community—- both Thriving and Non-Thriving Members alike!!!

    I take this opportunity to re-post here a comment I just made on the Thrive-Debunked blog concerning a possible 10th signatory to the now iniquitous letter of dissociation from the movie.  The “Notorious Gang of Nine” may now become the “Tarnished Gang of Ten.”

    This 10th signatory may be that of Adam Trombly, who appears in the movie as the expert on free energy devices and indeed you can see a photograph of Mr. Trombly himself as he is being interviewed by Foster Gamble in the previous article by Eric Roberts here entitled: “The Hidden Right-Wing Agenda at the Heart of ‘Thrive’.”

    I am replying to a commenter who identifies as “Mr. Anon.”  (And I must split the comment into two parts because of length constraints.)


    Uh, Mr. Anon, it’s not that Farnsworth has finally definitely said it—- rather it is you who are finally definitely realizing what he has been saying all along!  Now this is not meant to chide you; rather, it points up the real problem with the actually existing, real life, nut & bolts world of inventors of energy devices that do not violate any laws of physics. 

    You see, it is deluded dreamers like Gamble and Trombly who destroy the credibility of the real new energy device inventors and the industries that could actually spring up and do the world so much good.

    Instead, the delusions that Gamble peddles in THRIVE about so-called “free energy” are so ridiculous that I sometimes chuckle and wonder—facietiously of course— if Gamble and Trombly and others of their ilk are themselves paid government disinformation agents whose mission is to destroy the real energy industry that knows that—- just as there is no “free lunch,”  there is also no such thing as “free energy.” 

    I would now like to commend Muertos for publishing Trombly’s diatribe against Farnsworth here in its entirely because it is such a vivid documentation of what real energy device pioneers like Farnsworth must endure in their quest to create devices that actually work a little better than existing devices.

    But let’s face it. There’s a great market out there for cultivating wishful, fantastical nostalgic thinking that celebrates regression to an earlier child-like——even infantile—-state of mind.

    When I was a good Catholic boy, I strongly believed in a personal God who was infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, ubiquitous and eternal—- that is, a Being with no limits,  all-powerful, all-knowing existing everywhere at all times.  Somehow, I managed to outgrow those delusions, mainly realizing around age 20, that I was just trying to improve on the deficiencies and defects I believed all resided in the person of my own actual personal father.

    So now, when I view the movie THRIVE—- and especially when I watch the Gamble-Trombly interview parts—- I realize that they have merely substituted a belief in some impersonal free energy for my childhood belief in a personal father-like God.

    You see, when Trombly and Gamble speak of free energy, they invariably get around to meaning ZPE, because Zero-Point Energy—- as a placeholder for a personal Father-God—- is a perfect adult substitute for the infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing everywhere all at once figure that I would bet uncannily resembles each one of their own respective personal fathers.

    [end of Part 1]

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    [beginning of part 2]

    Consider :

    [1] Where I once believed in an infinite personal God, they believe in an infinite impersonal free energy. (which is actually true of ZPE.)

    [2] Where I once believed in an all powerful, personal God, they believe in an all-powerful impersonal free energy. (which is actually true of ZPE.)

    [3] Where I once believed in a personal God that was ubiquitous and eternal, they believe in an impersonal free energy that is everywhere at all times. (which is true of ZPE) 

    [4]  . . . (I’ll leave off the omniscient part here—- only because it’s not fully relevant to the free energy debate. But belief in the all-knowing field of information throughout the universe is consistent with ZPE—- and still gives Steven Hawking a hard-on in his wheelchair!  Wait, did I just misspell hadron? I did! Sorry!)

    So hopefully, Mr. Anon, this will help explain why the waters of “free energy” are so muddied today.  And I hope my psychoanalysis helps you clarify the utterly infantile delusions of Gamble and Trombly versus the—at least sturdy adolescent—realism and practicality of Farnsworth.

    In short, both Foster and Adam express the childish and grossly self-indulgent fantasies of the “puer aeternas,” the “eternal boy.”  Yes, the Eternal Peter Pan who will never grow up.

    Now my own personal suggestion, founded in fierce compassion for both Adam and Foster,  is for them to consider some sort of New Age regressive psychotherapeutic modality that will bring up and process the early childhood traumas concerning their fathers—-  off the top of my head, I can rattle off:  Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy, or Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing, or Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork, something,—— anything —- to convict and convince this pair of immature aging Baby Boomer sexagenarians that they are just giving us in the movie THRIVE cartoon-like versions of their own inner painful yearnings for whatever love, power, competence and guidance they feel were sorely lacking from their own fathers as they were growing up during the two term presidency of Dwight David Eisenhower.

    (Bad pun alert!  “I like Ike, but not Icke!”  Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

    So. Mr. Anon, maybe if you see the nature of their delusions about free energy as their personal subjective quest to re-capture lost youth, then maybe you can begin to develop a deeper appreciation for the real down to earth practicality of energy pioneers like David Farnsworth.

    As a retired high school teacher, who has developed a sense for differential levels of student emotional maturity,  I would peg the emotional sensibilities of David Farnsworth as around 11th or 12th grade.  When I consider the gaping puerility of both Foster and Adam, they strike me as having emotional sensibilities somewhere between 4th and 5th grade.  As I’ve observed, puberty makes all the difference. 
    Hmmm, maybe I should make a movie about that.

  • Armando


  • Telemicus

    Looks like since Thrive didn’t align with Robbins, Chopra, and others political views there trying to discredit the documentary. There are some things I don’t agree with in the film, but the majority of the points are spot on and I’ve confirmed from my own research for the past 16yrs, prior to seeing film. One important aspect of Thrive, is it try’s to get people thinking and to do there own research, and you know in this Brave New World Order we cant have people that are brave thinking for themselves(being sarcastic). They might just see the truth for what it is and not for what the luciferian illusion paints it to be. People need to snap out of it , and get out of the left- right paradigm. Republigoblins and Demonacrats are two sides of the same evil coin, control by the same global elite. The only real truth speaker is Ron Paul, and im neither republican,libertarian, or democrat,Im an American, only reason Ron Paul is running on republican ticket is to get on the ballot. People wake up don’t you see nothing changes just gets worse from Bush SR to Clinton to Bush Jr to Obama, everything continues to get worse. You thing its gonna get better with ORommeny or Obama? Think again, or maybe you wont because because the subconscious has been hit with so much subliminal’s and pre-programing. Here is a Quote from Edward Bernays, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society.”

  • Gus diZerega

    Sad that you suppress substantive comments that are reasonable and do not make charges or use profanity.

  • Martin

    Missing in all of this is personal responsibility.  Living within our own means, avoiding debt in all forms.
    Reject the consumer culture and get informed and become active intelligently and politically.  Spread the meme of self responsibility first.
    Stop blaming everyone else.  That is a very convenient form of denial.

  • Theodora

    According to hacktavist writer Eric Johnson, John Robbins is disturbed by the company he keeps in Foster and Kimberly Gamble’s challenging new movie “Thrive”. Apparently, it’s not so much what is said in the movie itself, but what is not said. The movie encourages us to follow the money to the elite wealthy who have a different agenda for the world from what they publicly express, yet Robbins is upset that the Koch Brothers aren’t mentioned in this regard, and blames it on Foster Gamble’s “bubble of inherited wealth”, which he chose to keep even though he renounced further entanglement with the Proctor and Gamble corporation from which his family’s wealth came.

    Robbins, unlike Gamble, renounced both his father’s corporation, Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream, and his inheritance, bravely earning his own way as a noted author/activist for healthier food policies and practices. What is not mentioned in the article is where Robbins own “bubble of renounced wealth” led him. While Robbins openly talked of the need to invest our dollars with socially/ environmentally conscious businesses, he ultimately lost his own savings by investing with Bernie Madoff, the poster boy for “I’ll make you rich but don’t ask too many questions about how I do it”, the antithesis of conscious investments.

    Johnson and Robbins want to hold the Gambles and “Thrive” accountable for including thinkers for their relevant ideas, but not including everything else these thinkers might embrace. Yet, in Johnson’s article, Robbins is presented as the noble embodiment of privilege and responsibility with nary a mention of his betrayal of these principles in his desire to secure greater wealth. Sorry, Mr. Robbins, but given your association with both Eric Johnson and Bernie Madoff, me thinks the Gambles are keeping far better company than you are.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Every Sunday, my itinerant private tutoring duties take me past the ABC-Disney Studios, the vast campus in downtown Burbank, and last Sunday, while driving past the wrought iron fences—- which all have the tops of their posts shaped into Mickey Mouse ears—- I experienced an amazing revelation:  that what Foster Gamble has done with his movie THRIVE was to “disneyfy” and thus brighten and make optimistic the normally dark and pessimistic world of deep conspiracy theories.

    And then as I gazed over at all the wrought-iron Mickey Mouse ears passing by on the fence top, I was brought back in fond childhood memory to the wonderfully optimistic era when the first Mickey Mouse club appeared on television in 1955. The Mousketeers!  Yes, there was Bobby and Darlene, and Cubby and Karen and of course Annette!  [Sigh!]

    Suddenly I found myself singing the Mickey Mouse Club “Alma Mater” song, that always marked the end of a TV season for the Mousketeers.  Please listen to the 1:25 rendition of the song here:

    The Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater Song
    (as sung at the end of Season 3 in 1957.)

    I found myself singing new words to the song. Instead of “Mickey Mouse,” I was singing “Foster Thrive.”  Instead of seeing the chorus of sweet and smiling Mousketeers, I saw much older but still childish Thriveteers.  Instead of them all wearing Mickey Mouse Ear hats, I saw Foster Gamble and his band of Thriveteers all wearing a wondrous torus hat.  (Of course when designing such a hat, we must take care with the size of the opening, lest it appear too much like a Sufi turban, but we’ll iron out the details later.)

    And so “ladies and gentlemen,” now regressed by Thrivish nostalgia to “boys and girls,”  I lovingly composed new lyrics to the alma mater song and now offer the lyrics here as a tribute to Foster Gamble and all his Thriveteers everywhere.

    New Lyrics for the Foster Thrive Club Alma Mater as written by Tomfortas of Hollywood.  Please sing with a slow and moving tempo, that befitting a requiem, as this might be the end of the first season for the movie THRIVE)

    [TECHNICAL NOTE:  In singing the spelling of the individual letters, we need to cheat a little on the last name.  While MOUSE has 5 letters, THRIVE has 6, but we’ll spell it out as T-H-R-I-V, and since we pronounce the letter V anyway as “vee,” then just give an extra beat of pronouncing the “ee” and that will solve the syllable problem.  Oh, and at the appropriate time, Foster and all the Thriveteers are to raise their torus hats high.] 


    What on earth . . . .  will it take . . .
    For folks like you and me?  . . .
    F–O–S . . . . .T–E–R . . . . T–H–R–I–Ve
    Foster Thrive . . . .[Chorus]:  Foster Thrive!
    Foster Thrive . . . .[Chorus]:  Foster Thrive!
    Forever let us hold our torus high, . . . high, high, high!

    Through the years . . . we’re sure to thrive . . .
    Wherever we may be . . . .

    F–O–S . . . . .T–E–R . . . .  T–H–R–I–Ve
    Foster Thrive . . . .[Chorus]:  Foster Thrive!
    Foster Thrive . . . .[Chorus]:  Foster Thrive!
    Forever let us hold our torus high,  . . . high, high, high!

    Now it’s time . . . to say good-bye ….
    To all conspiracies . . ..

    F–O–S . . . . .T–E–R . . . .

  • Rivka

    To go after the people who’s names are connected to Thrive and claim that all of their beliefs are those of Foster are just plain unfair. Just as you were in the film and do not share all of Foster’s beliefs…the same can go for those people.

    Of course there are going to skeptics. Even I am in some ways. But there is a lot of research in this information and if anything Thrive is a very important documentary because it is getting people engaging in critical dialogue.

    Federal Reserve IS a dangerous threat and there are horrible invasions of privacy and human rights going on in our world and compelling UFO information. It is easy to write this off out of fear for what one cannot understand.

    My point is that whether you agree with every part of Thrive or not, you should at least watch it and give it a chance and talk with people about it. obviously things are NOT working in our society and world right now and this is probably our last real shot to fix it.

    If you care about your family, your world, the universe…you will go after the information with a *truly* open, unbiased mind, decide what you can, and take what you can get out of it and share what you find.

  • LeeW

    What fascinates me about this site, and the people buying into its biased and unfounded ramblings, is that the identity of the author is nowhere to be seen yet some people buy into it as credible. This is the most important discussion of our times – wouldn’t you think that someone like this would reveal their identity publicly to legitimize their claims?  Wouldn’t you think that the people reading it would require it? Sadly, no. Which just leads you to the question – Who is funding the debunker and how can anyone afford to spend so much time researching and writing this stuff on a continual basis? To give ultimate credit to Foster, he’s completely transparent and squeaky clean. Everyone knows who he is, where he stands and he is ready, open and willing to take any conversation public at any time. This shows the confidence and commitment he has to his cause. It is also a clear indication of integrity.

  • Lee W

    As those who have seen THRIVE know, we are committed to a bold inquiry into what is really in the way of our thriving – and to offering much more than just a tweak to our fundamentally flawed and failing system.

    One of our core approaches in making THRIVE was to hear from people with differing points of view and to go for vital information regardless of the political affiliations of the source. That way we could do our own informed and critical thinking and glean the principles and facts from which true, just and lasting solutions can be created.

    We encourage a transparent, respectful, informed and constructive dialog that can address the specifics of any differences some of the pioneers in THRIVE might have with us. Although the letter of dissociation raised no specific issues, we understand from John Robbins’ articles and the correspondence that he wrote soliciting others to participate in his disinformation campaign that the objections range from ET presence, to naming the reality of the Global Domination Agenda, to validating Zero Point Energy, to adhering to the Principle of Non-violation. Wow, not much of a movie left after eliminating those taboo inquiries!

    We encourage everyone reading this to watch THRIVE and determine for yourselves if you agree that there is enough evidence to warrant additional dialog – about a covert agenda, about revolutionary new technologies and about bold strategies for achieving true liberty and justice for all.

    We spent decades doing our homework on these issues and stand with complete integrity and clarity behind the facts represented in THRIVE. We welcome meaningful dialog and otherwise consider it dangerous to undermine the millions of us who are standing up to expose the covert global scheme amongst the elite and their secret societies and intelligence agencies to destroy the economies of countless nations, take over their resources, and kill whatever leaders or people don’t play along.

    Further hit and run communications are of little interest to us, especially as it distracts from time better spent with motivated solutions groups forming all over the world who are awakening to the agenda and taking actions based on integrity and freedom rather than staying confined by outworn and deceptive political polarities.

    We encourage those who have publicly dissociated to offer their best information and solutions rather than spending time trying to undermine ours.

    Each of the pioneers in THRIVE were invited because their expertise in a particular area had been helpful in our gaining an understanding of the bigger picture that includes, but vastly transcends, their sector of expertise -or anyone’s political affiliation. We clearly state this in the movie:

    “The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.”

    We are encouraged by the millions of viewers, thousands of self-created screenings, the hundreds of THRIVE Solutions groups forming to get on with what’s needed now – informed and leveraged action. People from all over the world- Greece, Poland, India, Portugal and more have voluntarily translated THRIVE into their languages to get the important information to their cultures. THRIVE is now translated into 18 different languages and we hear from people all over the world about the value THRIVE is offering in their cultural transformations.

    We also are moved by the healings being reported in families, workplaces and communities as millions are getting the bridge between worldviews and beyond unnecessary and dangerous divide-and-conquer illusions. The new conversation, about what is really going on and solutions with human rights as primary, is, fortunately, unstoppable.

    As stated in the book “1984”, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” There is a well-informed, nonviolent revolution brewing and we welcome constructive contributions from everyone ready to participate.

    Foster and Kimberly Gamble

  • LeeW

    Please see Foster and Kimberly’s comment below.

  • Lee W

    As to the factual misrepresentations in this report, Kimberly and Foster will respond shortly.

  • Taylor

    I don’t see anything of substance in this article. Why not focus on the solutions and the actual information in Thrive, rather than just give vague critiques? That’s the discussion that really needs to be happening.

    If you watch the movie you will see that all the people who decided to dissociate from Thrive are represented fairly and their inclusion doesn’t mean that they necessarily agree with others in the film and/or their associations.

    Regarding privilege and responsibility: I’m happy to see that someone with money is putting it into a project like Thrive, rather than lying on a beach or investing it in corrupt Wall St. If more people did this, maybe we really could thrive. 


  • hoop

    Thanks for writing this article. I have talked directly with someone interviewed in the film and he said that he was misled. Thrive is ridiculous and harmful. Again, thanks.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    We welcome meaningful dialog and otherwise consider it dangerous to undermine the millions of us who are standing up to expose the covert global scheme amongst the elite and their secret societies and intelligence agencies to destroy the economies of countless nations, take over their resources, and kill whatever leaders or people don’t play along.

    Whoa, Foster & Kim!!! You guys are not only “doubling down” on your beliefs with powerful “thought-terminating clichés,” you’re also starting to make death threats against all those who dare disagree with you.  Well, since you guys are so “solutions-oriented,” I guess it won’t be long before you come up with a “final solution to the anti-THRIVer problem.”

    Your citing of George Orwell’s 1984 is also quite telling.  I remember the famous slogans in the book:  “War is Peace.  Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.”—- all expressions of “Newspeak,” where the opposite of one word is actually used to define that same word.  You are doing something remarkably similar here with the phrase:  “There is a well-informed, nonviolent revolution brewing . . .”

    You’re actually using the word “nonviolent” to mean “violent” here, just as Orwell in 1984 used the word “war” to define “peace.”  You know damn well that there is an extremely high correlation between social/political revolutions and violence, and thus you incorporate “Newspeak” here to describe your revolution as “nonviolent.”  That way, when the inevitable violence finally does come to your enemies—- all those who dare criticize THRIVE—- you can act as innocently as Pontius Pilate and wash your hands of it,—- you, of course could not possibly bear any responsibility for whatever violence might arise out of your nonviolent THRIVE revolution.

    George Orwell himself might be proud of your upgrading his 1984 Newspeak to 2012.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Muertos on the THRIVE-Debunked blog has put up a new article about the Foster & Kimberly response above.

    . . . . The disappointing and fatuous statement by Mr. and Mrs. Gamble attempts both to minimize the controversy and to belittle the signers of the letter and critics of the film. Most notably, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble accuse John Robbins, the driving force behind the disassociation letter, of engaging in a “disinformation campaign” to discredit the film. The statement also makes clear that acceptance of the conspiracy theories advanced by Thrive as literal fact is a prerequisite for being taken seriously in the discussion of “solutions” that the makers of the film say they wish to engage in. . . .

  • LeeW

    Please see the response from Foster and Kimberly below.

  • Book

    Eustace Mullins simply identified who is and has been behind the curtain.

  • Foster Gamble

    Mark – To correct your facts, I was one of many founders of CASS. I worked 8 hours a day for 6 months (in addition to another 8 on THRIVE) to stop the spray.
    Our THRIVE Solutions Sector Model was beneficial in organizing the efforts of folks with expertise in Science, Health, Education, Justice, Arts, Economics and other Sectors. The only thing I encouraged against was some people who thought that a ballot initiative would be our best protection. Really? People get to vote on whether or not toxins and endocrine disruptors get sprayed from planes for up to 10 years on 7 million individuals, creatures and gardens – when sickness and deaths were occurring within days? To thrive, inalienable rights need to come first – before some kind of majority rule. Just ask the dissenter in a lynch mob – if they can still talk.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    A wry commenter on the Thrive-Debunked blog, calling himself DiscoPro_Joe, has come up with a wonderful idea for an epic/saga-themed THRIVE Video Game.


    DiscoPro_Joe says:

    Speaking of video games, here’s a little idea for Foster Gamble & Co: if he’d like to create a small new cash cow for Thrive, and if he’d like to appeal more to kids like Sam, then he ought to produce a “Thrive” epic-saga video game!

    In the first stage of the game, you could attempt to make crop circles from an alien spacecraft without being seen or detected by humans. (Every time you get caught in the act, you’d either die, or lose a lot of hit points.)

    In the second stage, you (as a human living on Earth) could build a “free energy machine” using the “special information” of the crop circles. You must do this without being seen or detected by government agents. Every slip-up will result in your assassination, or in losing lots of hit points.

    At the end of the second stage, when you complete the construction of your free energy machine, the government agents will soon discover it, and send a SWAT team to your laboratory. You can use the special powers of your new machine to shoot “torus beams” at the evil invaders and win the battle!

    Finally, in the third and final phase of the game, you will use your special “torus powers” to fly all over the world fighting the New World Order! The NWO is planning on destroying most of the world’s population, and no one believes you when you warn everyone, so you must take on their entire global military forces alone in a dogfight with your special powers.

    After defeating the military, the final bosses reveal themselves to be reptilian aliens who will battle you in final fight scene. They have the same torus powers as you, so you must use your quick wit, speed, and skill to ultimately beat them and save the world!

    Everyone on Earth then worships you like a king, and you proclaim, “Now we can all ‘thrive’ together!”

    The good-guy aliens who made the crop circles would then come down to Earth by the millions to join the humans, and everyone would live happily ever after….

    Well, anyway, someone ought to send this video-game idea up the chain of command to ol’ Foster, and see what he thinks. I bet kids like Sam would love it! And on crazy conspiracy-theory brainwashing, Foster could get ‘em while they’re young.


  • LeeW

    Thank you Tom. Here’s Foster and Kimberly’s latest statement about John Robbins’ article for your perusal:

  • LeeW

    To facilitate a more fruitful conversation about what THRIVE offers, we’d like to specifically address a recent critique of THRIVE, written by John Robbins, entitled Humanity and Sanity: Standing for a Thriving World (and Challenging the Movie THRIVE).

    Written by Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble, this article can be found here:

  • Eugene Allen

    Mark your posting is nonsense .  I also remember this event and your statement is a lie. Plain and simple.Foster was in the middle of making Thrive and added to that work load so he could do what…. your statement doesn’t make any sense.

  • Bruce Tanner

    @Gus, this PDF you link to is a 56 page tract, which, having read only 6 pages in, seems to me a highly convoluted potpourri of emotionally-driven and confusing ideas.

    It purports to be a defense of democracy, arguing that the message of Thrive is anti-democratic. Yet, while making a complex exposition of the ideas of George Lakoff about what he seems to see as the absolute reality of the Left-Right Paradigm, Kelly argues there’s no such thing as a political center, or the possibility of a reasoned agreement between views. She says that people who have views from both of what she or Lakoff identify as “Liberal” or “Conservative” viewpoints are (unfocussed?) “bi-conceptuals,” whose actual decisions are then based on how their thinking is “framed” at a given moment. This assertion of Lakoff’s she calls a “discovery:”

    “Lakoff’s discovery is an important contribution to understanding how and why people vote
    the way they do. It explains the role of emotions, metaphors, and psychological history, all
    of which determine which buttons we push in the voting booth as well as which buttons
    have been pushed by the manipulators who know how to influence our behavior.”

    If this is then true, which I believe the Gambles would agree with, then the notion of anything approaching a workable Democracy would arguably be insane.

    Later, regarding taxes, Georgia writes:

    “Oliver Wendell Holmes reportedly said, “Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.”
    Foster Gamble, like other libertarians, considers taxes to be theft and does not realize that
    an informed citizenry might create a government by,  of, and for the people who pay the
    taxes.  Yet, this would require a mature citizenry,  not one stuck in the adolescent phase of
    development that focuses doggedly on individual rights with little regard for the
    individual’s responsibility to civil society.”

    Well, obviously then, Georgia and those agreeing with this document are mature, and those (including myself and many I’ve met who started out as left-identified, and who have worked as diligently as possible to approach something more true for us) who have come to see that “government” is a concept used by people who seize a monopoly on violence and use of other peoples’ wealth in the name of “responsible public good,” are “stuck in an adolescent phase.” This is simply an ad hominem attack.

    I don’t think that Georgia Kelly is in the least interested in benefiting from any of the good information or insights that (in my opinion) abound in Thrive. I guess if it is “libertarian,” then it would be irresponsible to listen to anything in it. To do a comprehensive analysis of her PDF, without being consumed by judgment and negativity, adhering to fairness and clarity, would be the work of weeks, and would, most likely, result in more reactivity from people who agree with Kelly’s assessment of Thrive and people who might find it interesting and somewhat credible.

    It would be far better if those who believe it’s possible to uphold liberal-progressive views while still believing that our current system is not controlled by powerful elites, could come together with those who find Thrive a refreshing entree to a bigger picture of what is going on, in good-faith and compassion, with deep listening, and find a workable common ground that might lead to real solutions.

  • Bruce Tanner


    This is nothing but the most infantile kind of an attack. Anyone who would respond to this as a legitimate argument against the ideas in Thrive deserves their place in the dystopian tyranny coming if we don’t wake up.

  • Bruce Tanner


    Did you leave the known universe? The Gambles, in their reply as quoted by you, make no threats whatsoever. They say that the Global Elites have plotted to dominate the world by any means necessary including but by no means limited to murder, and that those trying to undermine the efforts of sincere people to wake our brothers and sisters up to the situation are endangering themselves by protecting the elite planners.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Wow, Theodora, thank you so much for “playing the Jew card” here by bringing up that little rascal, Bernie Madoff. It’s an absolutely perfect segue into the topic of the not-so-hidden anti-Semitism explicit in the movie THRIVE as espoused by Foster Gamble’s most favorite conspiracy theorist in the film, David Icke. 

    First of all, did you know that Bernie Madoff and David Icke share the same birthday?  How synchronistic is that?  So check out what famed astrologer, Dr. Louis Turi, has to say about these Aries astrological twins:

    Souls born in the month of April must assume a diplomatic attitude when dealing with others and when dealing with corporate money reward those who helped them. Word of caution; dealing with any Aries soul demands anyone to be very aware of a natural drive to control all corporate financial areas due to a subconscious drive and fear of power .i.e Bernie Madoff and Conspiracy champion author, David Icke (note both souls were born April 29 or 9 days after Adolf Hitler also born in April).

    Now putting aside the ironic exhilaration of Louis Turi “playing the Hitler card” against both Madoff and Icke, I would like to call attention to the article by Eric Johnson that he published here about 6 weeks ago.


    Icke, it seems, is bringing the work of the John Birch Society into the New Age, furthering its study into the Illuminati. Like the Birchers, he swears he is not an anti-Semite, yet his site is rife with attacks against the “Rothschild-Zionists” who have, among other things, surrounded President Obama.

    The Icke article Eric links to above is dated Dec. 30, 2010. I would here like to add two very similar articles by Icke, the most recent one posted Jan. 29, 2012, almost 3 months after the premiere of the movie THRIVE.

    Now all 3 articles are about 85% identical in their fulminations against the dreaded Zionist menace, but this next one includes the history of the Ashkenazi Jews, which is important to read in order to understand why the anti-Semitic disclaimers of Icke & Gamble are examples of classic Orwellian Newspeak.
    This 3rd article has many different photos and graphics.

    The point Icke makes is that the Ashkenazi Jews are not true Jews by bloodline, yet they comprise 85% of the Jewish population today. (The true Jews are the Sephardic—- sons of Jacob/Israel)

    If you open your Bibles to Genesis, Chapter 10, you read the genealogy of the 3 sons of Noah: Shem, Ham & Japheth

    Noah——Shem————————- Jacob/Israel = true Jews by blood (Sephardic = true S(h)emites)
    Noah——Japheth—- Gomer—- Ashkenaz——Jews by conversion (ca. 740 AD as Khazars in Caucasus region)

    The point of all this is to justify the Ickean logic that while all Ashkenazi Jews are not Zionist Jews, the converse does hold true:  all Zionist Jews are Ashkenazi Jews.  But these Ashkenazi Jews aren’t the true Jews, so therefore being against them can’t be anti-Semitic because they are pseudo-Jews, or maybe even: “Jews in Gentile clothing.”

    [end part 1]

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    [begin part 2]

    Now Theodora, I imagine you would agree with Icke and then of course with Foster Gamble when you lump Johnson & Robbins in the same boat with Madoff :

    Sorry, Mr. Robbins, but given your association with both Eric Johnson and Bernie Madoff, me thinks the Gambles are keeping far better company than you are.

    Now I would hazard a guess that John is as Jewish as Bernie, but then that makes them both Ashkenazi—- and therefore possibly Zionist—- Jews. (Eric doesn’t strike me as Jewish but I suppose you might consider him a Zionist dupe.)

    Now one of the funniest jokes making the rounds of Jewish comedian venues in NY, (the age-old borscht circuit) after the Madoff fiasco was this one:

    “Bernie Madoff! . . . Oy veh! . . .  (Long pregnant pause.) . . .  Where’s Adolf Hitler when you really need him?”

    Now that joke is a perfect segue into the Holocaust, so let’s talk about the Holocaust now, shall we? If we both agree that Adolf and the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, fine, but all of them were Ashkenazi Jews, right?  I mean, I don’t know of a single Sephardic or true Jew that the Nazis killed. So according to Ickean logic, which is also THRIVE logic, then the Nazis contributed to the THRIVE Movement by “culling the herd,” as it were, of the Zionist Jews, all those Ashkenazi Jews who weren’t really true Jews anyway, so what’s all the fuss about them then?

    But golly gee-willikers, that Holocaust didn’t seem to slow down the Zionist juggernaut at all. In fact, it gave them an entire nation called Israel, Ground Zero for the NWO.

    Anyway, Theodora, I want to thank you for opening the door to the discussion of the Jewish question raised by THRIVE. I don’t know if there will ever be a final solution to that Jewish question, but then, hey, lots of Jewish people laughed at that Bernie Madoff joke, so let’s take a cue from them and loosen up and lighten up around here. I for one appreciate Jewish humor, so let’s please find some humor in the situation so we can all thrive.   

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Well, a hearty Heil Hitler! to you my friend Bruce!  Maybe in your coming THRIVE Utopia, you could have me sterilized for my infantilism.

    But I bet you’d really look cute in a Thriveteers Torus Hat!  Try it on, you’ll like it!

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    For those who would like to do what Foster Gamble asks, that is to perform “due diligence,” then here is a link to a 28 page booklet written by Eustace Mullins in 1968 entitled THE BIOLOGICAL JEW.  I post a sample of 5 excerpts.

    (What I found so ironic about these quotes is that taking them out of context as I do here actually makes them sound better. When read in their full context, they sound much worse.)

    “The Jew has always functioned best as a panderer, a pornographer, a master of prostitution, an apostle of sexual perversion, an enemy of the prevailing sexual standards and prohibitions of the gentile community.” (page 21)

    “This religious ceremony of drinking the blood of an innocent gentile child is basic to the Jew’s entire concept of his existence as a parasite, living off of the blood of the host.” (page 25)

    “Treason, fraud, perversion, all the hallmarks of Jewish life among the gentiles in the Diaspora. And it is parasitism.” (page 28)

    “…the existence of the Jewish parasite upon the host is a crime against nature, because its existence imperils the health and the life of the host. Thus, everything that the Jew does in connection with this parasitic existence is a criminal act, and part of an overall criminal existence.” (page 28)

    “The Jews do not want anyone to know what Nazism is. Nazism is simply this – a proposal that the German people rid themselves of the parasitic Jews….And how futile it all was, because today, Jewish bankers own sixty per cent of German industry, and their holdings are protected by the occupation army of America.” (page 32)

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    More due diligence!

    Here is Eustace Mullins’ appreciation for Hitler published in the October 1952 issue of the “National Renaissance Bulletin” an anti-Communist publication printed monthly from 1950 to 1953.

    HITLER: AN APPRECIATION by Eustace Mullins

    Eventually America must admit her debt to Adolf Hitler for it was Hitler who first called upon all Aryan people to unite and challenge Jewish economic and political power. It was Hitler who first enunciated the doctrine of national self-determination and led the armies of Christian Europe in a great crusade against the godless Jews of the Kremlin. Hitler, like Christ before him, was crucified on a Cross of Gold through the duplicity of his own Christian people. America will never forget that the Jewish International bankers, together with Franklin D. Roosevelt, their tool, led us into World War II. Why? Because Hitler drove the economic leeches of the Rothschild and Warburg families out of Germany. 

    The Jewish “refugees” poured into America and enlisted us as cannon fodder and errand boys in Europe. Hitler warned America in 1945, that we would have to face the ultimate battle against the Jewish Frankenstein Monster of Communism alone. America had helped created the monster, now it would destroy her. It is no longer a question of defending America’s independence. It is a question of defending the remainder of Western Civilization from the colored hordes of Asia and Africa led by Jewish Communism toward the ultimate goal of Jewish World Domination. The Jew plays for high stakes; world domination or the extermination of their race.

    America is the last obstacle in the path of Jewish conquest. Either the Aryan or the Jew must yield in the world struggle. The goal of our National Renaissance movement becomes clearer.

  • bob

    thanks… my sentiments the same…. and yes I showed THE BIG FIX in Santa Cruz and the paper never even mentioned it.. Should I go after them for being oil lobbyists?! And I DO show the new film KOCH BROTHERS EXPOSED!!!!

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    OK, Lee, to facilitate a more fruitful conversation about what THRIVE fails to offer, would you like to specifically address the article you link to above and explain why Foster and Kimberly Gamble did not acknowledge John Robbins’ statements about Eustace Mullins?

    I quote from Muertos’ open letter to Foster Gamble just published today on his THRIVE-Debunked blog

    What about Eustace Mullins?

    In your statement, Mr. Gamble, you breeze casually past the objections to G. Edward Griffin by saying you don’t endorse the John Birch Society. But an even more important objection that Mr. Robbins raised was your apparent endorsement of the theories of Eustace Mullins. Mr. Robbins stated:

    “Another of Thrive’s primary sources, and another of the authors Foster Gamble told me I should read in order to better understand Thrive, is Eustace Mullins.  I honestly find it difficult to convey the level of anti-semitism in Mullins’s books, without it seeming that I am exaggerating.  So I will let Mullins’s own words speak for themselves…”

    Mr. Robbins then quoted three utterly disgusting paragraphs, dripping with hateful anti-Semitic vitriol, from this book by an author he claims you recommended highly to him. You do not comment on Eustace Mullins at all in your response. Why not?

    There’s obviously something you like about Eustace Mullins, if you recommended him to Mr. Robbins. (If he was in error in claiming you did, now’s a perfect opportunity to set the record straight). This is all the more puzzling because I do not believe you are an anti-Semite; Mr. Robbins did not make that accusation either, and it’s clear that you’re not. But the fact is, once you cut out the anti-Semitism, there’s not much left of Eustace Mullins’s philosophy that stands on its own. So please, Mr. Gamble, educate us. Which parts of Eustace Mullins’s philosophy you like, and why? Furthermore, why did you not even mention this very key point of John Robbins’s criticism of Thrive in your response?

  • Kyle Thiermann

    I am 22 and you should know all of my friends and I have stopped reading your newspaper since you launched your smear campaign against Thrive. Our generation has little interest in your pointless drama. If you don’t like the solutions Thrive offers, come up with some better ones yourself.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    Lee, you’re such an obsequious toad-flack, but I like you. 

    Hey, have you tried on your Thriveteer Torus hat yet?  We still need feedback on the best design for the opening.  In order to look like the proper torus model in THRIVE, the hole has to be really small. But that’s way too turban-like and makes everyone look like they belong to a Sufi cult. On the other hand, if we make the opening bigger, it does fit the head better, but then starts looking like a balloon toy headband.

    Surely there are good design people on the THRIVE team who could help out.

    OMG, aikido you not, Lee!  When I went to submit this post, I had to answer the following question:

    The Disney cartoon character Mickey is what kind of animal? (5 characters required)

  • Hollywood Tomfortas


    You are correct when you invoke the “generation gap” here.  You see, aging Baby Boomer Foster Gamble pitched his movie at your generation in a vain and vainglorious crusade to recapture his own lost youth as well as to purge his troubled conscience of the lifelong guilt he carries because he feels that his Procter & Gamble inheritance was and is unearned and undeserved. (Think bulimia of the soul.)

    Because I am the exact same age as Foster, I can even pinpoint the year he wishes to return to. That year is 1956 when he and I were both 8 years old.  Hence the timeliness of my parody of the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater Song which was a nostalgic farewell to the first television season of the Mousketeers (1955-1956).

    A serious commenter here named Bruce recently judged my parody as an infantile attack on THRIVE.  Well, his projection is not far off, but I would not judge mine or Foster’s attitude as infantile. No, it is simply childish.  And not even pubescent yet.  Simply childish and that is why John Robbins deemed Foster’s naivete as being so dangerous. 

    As an elder to your generation now, I can only offer you the meager solace that mine and Foster’s generation—- we being the Pioneers of Narcissism—- bequeathed that self-absorption to you young folks as the societal status quo.

    The only hope I can see for you is to follow the advice that my generation was given when we were all your age, ca. 1970. That is:

    Never trust anyone over 30.

    And now a bit of personal advice since I’m old enough to be your grandfather:

    Follow your dick.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    And how amazing that every last one of them is a Jew! 

    I mean, where was the curtain hanging? In a synagogue?

  • Laszlo Szantor

    Fly now/pay later philosophy isn’t working so well any more. It is no use to be knowledgeable theorizing without end. Our greed is used against us by those who are smart to exploit. Want to change your world? Don’t take the bait and think for yourselves.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    You can read the latest jousting match between Muertos (The Dead Ones) and Foster Gamble here:

    Looks like Eustace Mullins is the Kryptonite for Superman Foster.

  • Rich

    Follow the money. Is that blaming? While we live simple lives those who control money and resources are hard at work gaining control over our lives. Slowly over the years we have lost freedoms and political power. Something is wrong and needs our attention. Taking ” personal responsibility ” is nice but we don’t live in vacuum. In the real world change happens over which we have no control, no voice and no vote.
    But watch out. Our food, water, education, environment are being taken further and further away form our control.
      Banks are at the base of these control systems. It just makes sense.

  • Hollywood Tomfortas

    The indefatigable anti-Fascist investigative reporter Dave Emory just wrote this article about THRIVE:

    “Thrive”: Counter-Culture Fascism in Cinema

    The advance of fascism features a burgeoning array of media and organizational phenomena that direct people of more “progressive”–even “hip” orientation in the direction of bigotry and rightwing totalitarianism.

    Dave quotes an excerpt from Eric Johnson’s new article in the San Jose Metroactive. (It’s mostly a re-hash of Eric’s Santa Cruz Weekly article, but he does expand on it. However, no comments are allowed.)

    I copy below Dave Emory’s comments about THRIVE


    The advance of fascism features a burgeoning array of media and organizational phenomena that direct people of more “progressive”– even “hip” orientation in the direction of bigotry and rightwing totalitarianism.

    In particular, anti-Semitism–denying that it is anti-Semitic–has become something of the “flavor de jeur” for much of the so-called progressive sector. The clouding of minds with mysticism has accelerated this trend, particularly among the young.

    A recent issue of the San Jose Metro – a free weekly paper in the Southern Bay Area –featured an incisive analysis by Eric Johnson. This important article dissected the fundamentals of a popular cult film entitled Thrive.

    The brainchild of Proctor & Gamble fortune heir Foster Gamble, the film fuses New Age mysticism and cult “free energy” mythology with Old Age anti-Semitic ideology pinning the world’s troubles on the Rothschilds and Jewish control of the financial industry. (Gamble himself holds forth on various subjects in the film itself.)

    In addition to Gamble himself, “Thrive” presents the fascist ideology of G. Edward Griffin, a prominent John Birch Society theoretician. (The origins of the John Birch Society are detailed in AFA #11.)  In addition to his doctrinaire racism, demonizing the likes of Martin Luther King, Griffin tags the Federal Reserve System as a manifestation of the “Zionist” financial cabal. 

    The most outlandish of the fascisti whose “thinking” is featured in the film is David Icke. A former soccer player, Icke has reinvented himself as a political guru, disseminating the view that the world’s power structure is controlled by “reptilian shape-shifters” who pose as humans, eat young children and, somehow, are part and parcel to the international financial conspiracy advanced by Griffin, Gamble and company.

    Another of the old-line fascists whose ideology is contained in the film is Eustace Mullins, although his influence is upon Gamble’s theoretical outlook, rather than in “Thrive” itself. An unabashed admirer of Adolf Hitler, Mullins is among the seminal fascist ideologues to tab the Fed as an outcropping of the “international Jewish banking conspiracy.”

    Not surprisingly Icke,  Mullins and Griffin have been extolled by the so-called “Truthers.” Both have also been featured on the program of former Fox pundit Glenn Beck.

    In addition to the New Age mysticism, the film’s cache among “progressives” is strengthened by the inclusion of the likes of Deepak Chopra, Amy Goodman and environmentalist (and Baskin & Robbins heir) John Robbins.

    This, in combination with the dumbing-down of America, has fueled the popularity of “Thrive.”

    Not surprisingly, the film has garnered a considerable following among the “Occupy” movement, according to author Johnson.

    “Thrive” appears to be among the most successful manifestations to date of counter-culture fascism, adding something of a bohemian flavor to the old adage that anti-Semitism is “the socialism of fools.”

    (Author Peter Levenda, among others, has chronicled the overlap of alternative religions such as Satanism with fascist and Nazi elements in his book Unholy Alliance. The alternative religious connection/New Age phenomenon is central to the success of works like “Thrive.”)


  • The Third Kock Brother:

    So Foster had the chance to reply to a thread, but not a press inquiry?

    Please, tell me more about how busy he is; but also how much money he’s paying the trolls, with animal torture money.

  • Yubian

    WHO is the author of this piece? I’d take a bet they are active in Democorp party politics.

    Everytime a popular film or book which espouses Voluntaryism or questions the legitimay of the ruling class comes out, some anyonymous author publishes a screed against it by linking it to anti-semitism and a conspiracy agenda.

    Well, if you don’t believe in grand conspiracies, dear author, then you *really* do not understand how and why the Federal Reserve Bank was created and how government-charted megacorporations are part of the larger fascist agenda.

    Learn what freedom is actually all about:

  • Yubian

    It’s clear that the author of this post doe not understand what the definition of fascism is. How can THRIVE been pushing fascism when they are most definitely calling for a STATELESS society??? The two are mututally exclusive. Get a clue.

  • Jennifer Williams

    WOW…it is working! we are fighting among one another
    so that we will be blinded by the truth! HOW CONVENIENT! We are losing the plane and ourselves and all we can do is blame our pity little selves and continue to be zombies and believe that the powers that be care?

  • Ken

    Sooner or later I figured someone, would try
    to kill the messenger. 

    I know Foster’s intention comes from his caring heart. He is a very compassionate person, and really wants to do something meaningful with his life. 

    It is not his fault many of the Bankers that
    are part of a corrupt banking system are Jewish.
    Going back to the Rothchilds. This doesn’t
    make all Jews bad. I know Foster has never spoken
    against Jews per se. Only against the elite insiders that take advantage of the system they set up.

    Foster tries to see the positive in people
    and the worst that could be said of him is
    he may be naive, but he knows he doesn’t have
    all the answers and is trying to ask the right questions so that we all can find out and check things for ourselves. 

    I’m sure he ruffled some vary powerful feathers.
    And we need to give him credit for standing against the powers at be.  With the vaguely worded laws that have trashed the constitution, it is harder than ever to audit what those is power are doing.
    Money talks and I wouldn’t put it past them
    to pay some big bucks to silence Foster and his work.
    In these times very few could resist a wad of money to sell someone out.

    I wouldn’t be so nit-picky as to find a few
    flaws on a basically good message of hope.

  • KSimone

    Mr. Gamble I am watching your documentary for the first time. I’m about 40 mins in and already find some fascinating info that you’ve put forth.  I am not a PHD nor a scholar, yet a few of the ideas here align with my own theories. Thank You for putting your energy into this work and I hope that on your path to truth you remain steadfast and patient. Don’t give up.

    I want to ask you about the article above. Why do you think Robbins and Chopra etc distanced themselves?

  • how to get rid of mice

    Thrive is a great documentary and I’ve watch it almost four times now.Great ideas.

  • openmindedistheanswer

    I think it is unfortunate that politics has once more divided individuals. You can intellectually argue many things and make them sound right. He is hardly following a path of denying the Holocaust. Remember in research that just because something happens at the same time it does not mean one was the cause. We are running out of time and if our intellectuals cannot find common ground to work towards then humanity is in serious trouble. I have heard from others that have a symbol pull away from change out of fear. Who cares if you don’t agree with everything. This is about change. We as humanity will stumble, but at least we will be moving. At least he is speaking with his desire to see humanity improve. Otherwise, we are left to those who are in control like the fed. They are a private company and perhaps, have gotten to some of you. Find common ground because that is how we improve humanity.

  • TruthsBeKnown

    The author of this article is obviously naive about much and a bigot themselves as they are in denial of much and are desperately trying to keep their illusions intact. I was the same …. until I woke up to the Truth of what’s going on.

    And no, the John Birch society is not some evil right-wing extreme organization – it’s just that the controlled media (and all the ignorant wanna-be-famous-writer parrots) labelled it as such for the benefit of those who would gain by the destruction of the U.S. Constitution … . The JBS is a group of intelligent, caring citizens who would like to see the country adhere to the U.S. Constitution, that’s all it is – and it’s about time wanna-be-famous-writers start doing their own research to find out the truth about others and organizations before repeating the same b.s. over and over again that’s nothing but lies put out by those who seek not what’s best for the country, but what’s best for their own pocket books.

    False accusations against others is the mark of a liar.

    And no, I’m not a JBS member. Never have been. I just don’t like seeing lies being repeated by ignorant people who think they’re so ‘smart’ because they can repeat a good-sounding lie. Yet a lie is still a lie, and as long as people are lying to each other, humanity will never ‘progress’. So if ‘progressives’ are so ‘smart’, maybe they should stop lying about people and matters they know nothing about – then maybe there will be more Peace in the world.

    As far as I can tell, the term ‘progressive’ is synonymous with ‘arrogant pretentious rude person wrought with illusions of grandeur about themselves’.