Santa Cruz Music Icon Bob Brozman Dies

Bob Brozman, the steel-guitar innovator and ethnomusicologist who got his start playing on the streets of Santa Cruz, has died, according to his family. Though exact details have not yet been released, it appears he was discovered at home yesterday. He was 59.

A legend in the world of blues and roots music who integrated style from all around the world into his music, Brozman was one of Santa Cruz’s most beloved musical figures. His bold playing style was unmistakable, and his banter with the audience at his live shows gave him the opportunity not just to entertain with his sharp wit, but also challenge core assumptions about the function of rhythm and sound.

Born in New York on March 8, 1954, Brozman was a world traveller who seemed to thrive on collaborating with the best musicians he could find from many different musical traditions. His trademark guitar sound came from National steel guitars that he spent his life collecting, often joking that if he had to buy many of his most prized guitars again now, he couldn’t possibly afford them. He recorded over 20 albums, beginning with 1981’s Blue Hula Stomp. His most recent record was last year’s Fire in the Mind.

  • Cyril Pahinui

    Aloha and our condolences to the family. This is very sad news. I t=will treasure the time I had to work with him.

  • Wes James

    SOOOO very saddened and stunned to hear this today. Just doesn’t make any sense. RIP, Bob- I hope you are in National Heaven….. looking down on all of us whom you entertained in your lifetime.

  • Ian Date

    So sorry to hear this news. Spent some memorable time with Bob playing music in Melbourne Australia many years ago. He was a great man and musician.

  • Scott MacDonald

    I will miss Bob…he shared my passion for resonator guitars, and has done so much to bring great music,with intelligence and flair,, to audiences around the world.  My home was graced by Bob and his wife at a party after a concert… I feel lucky to have known him.  I’ll play a tune for you tonight on my National Ike, Bob… Godspeed.

  • Dan Mills

    RIP, Bob. I learned a lot from you and your friends when I attended your IGS workshop two or three years in a row. Very sorry to know you’re gone so soon. Best wishes to your family.

  • pvc

    I remember meeting up with Bob along with my Bob (Guida) at the Philly Folk Fest where we terrorized guild 12-stringers in their elbow patched turtlenecks.He claimed he was “Mr. National”and there was no reason to doubt him. Warm, funny beyond anything normal, and possessed by the guitars he possessed- it worked out nicely for the man who took so seriously what the world had forgotten and blew new life into it. Bob’s circle round the moon was his mark as he played circles around us all and then circled the world with his music. We should be proud a man like that represented the USA to much of the world who had ears to listen.

  • Flip Breskin

    This is SO sad!!!  Bob taught for many years at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and was both a great player and a very skilled teacher.  He leaves behind a lot of much better players.  Too young…

  • Ginger Martin


    What a shock.  Never knew him personally, but my husband and I loved to see him perform, and always tried to go to his shows when he performed in town.  You could always count on an uplifting evening of humor, multi-talent and we would always walk away with smiles on our faces.  He will be sorely missed.

  • Julie Hendriks

    Just last night I was telling someone that I wanted Bob Brozman and George Kahumoku Jr. to perform at next year’s Redwood Mountain Faire.
    What a shock. I had been thinking so much about him lately, especially at the Steel Guitar Festival on Maui last weekend. Aloha ‘oe, until we meet again.

  • OutaSpaceMan

    BB was the star of the Wukulele Festival in Worthing UK.
    His uke playing at that event floored me.
    He was full of the joy of playing a musical instrument.

    Sad loss,


  • Peter Lang

    So sorry to hear the news. A veritable tornado of enthusiastic, passionate, musical virtuosity. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends. Vaya Con Dios.

  • Carlos Fiorelli

    Irreparable loss to the world music. A great master of slide guitar. A musician who joined musicians from many different countries to create a new music, creative music, and music so beautiful…universal music.
    Bob & Ledward Kaapana … Bob & Takashi Hirayasu … Bob & Debashish Bhattacharya … Bob & Subhashis Bhattacharya … Bob & Sutapa Bhattacharya … Bob & Djeli Moussa Diawara … Bob & René Lacaille … Bob & Cyril Pahinui … Bob & George Kahumoku … Bob & Woody Mann … Bob & Mike Auldridge … Bob & David Grisman … Bob & Jeff Lang … Bob & The Tau Moe Family … Bob & John McSherry … Bob & Dónal O’Connor … and many other musicians…

    Bob Brozman, the ambassador of the music world…so young…leaving this world sadder.
    However, Bob is immortal through his own music and albums.
    Aloha, eternal grandmaster! I love you!

    Carlos Fiorelli

  • Hal Anjo

    Darn, His passing is a real loss.

  • Brian Miller

    So sorry to hear this. Bob was a great guy, a great entertainer and a big part of my Santa Cruz experience in the 80s and 90s! My condolences to the family.

  • Bret Mars

    I don’t want to believe it. I was just listening to his music this morning. He’s the reason I bought a National.  Not only a maestro, but a philosopher, and damned funny guy. Geez, I guess I’ll go play some slide. Clean and buzz free as I can, ‘cuase I know he hated extraneous noise.

  • Martin Nuttall

    Martin Nuttall
    5 hours ago via YouTube
    Bob Brozman sadly passed today, he introduced me to real Hawaiian music and I will be forever in his debt.

    “Ua Like” performed by Ledward Kaapana & Bob Brozman
    Slack-key guitar great Ledward Kaapana and slide guitar legend Bob Brozman play “Ua Like.” From the DVD “Ledward Kaapana & Bob Brozman in Concert.” More info…


  • Mic Conway

    When Bob was in Australia a various times, he played and recorded with the National Junk Band and dazzled us with his virtuoso performances. He was a great friend and stayed with my brother Jim on lots of occasions. He was a warm, energetic and vivacious person – we will miss him a lot

  • Jayme Kelly Curtis

    “I could live my whole life without a phone call, the likes of which I got today…”
    Shocking, sad, sad, anger-inducing news. It’s just not fair. I only got to hear him three of four times, was deeply honored and excited to play with him just once at the SCGC BBQ. One of the great musical moments of my life.
    Godspeed, Bob. Show ‘em how it’s done in Heaven. Peace and love to Bob’s sweet wife.

  • Larry B. Van Dyke

    Such a loss. I especially loved his work with Okinawan musician Takashi Hirayasu.

  • Rick Van Krugel

    It must be 30 years ago that I first sat down to spend an evening with Bob, and though we’ve seen little of one another over the years we immediately knew we were kindred spirits. The sheer wackiness, the neuroses, the puns, the musical free-spirited insanity we could channel together were one of those rare perfect storms in my humble musical life. My last memory of Bob was a magical and completely unrehearsed accidental concert we played on the fly with Michael Dunn at a festival in Victoria more than ten years ago. I have dined out on that moment ever since, and have always looked forward to re-living it with him again. This is just too soon to lose such a wonderful, talented and sweet character. Bob, I cherish your memory, celebrate your life and send condolences to your family and friends. Blessings and peace to all.

  • kathy perez

    The world has lost another true talent and a truly wonderful person. He will be missed and never forgotten.

  • Shane McElroy

    Bob and I became friends back in those very days mentioned, both of us playing guitar and singing on the Pacific Garden Mall with a host of others. Managed to have some contact with him within the last decade, but haven’t seen him in a long time. He was – in one word – genuine! Many condolences to all of his family and friends throughout the world. Farewell dear friend …

  • Todd Evans

    I’ll remember Bob for being not only a virtuoso, but for being very approachable and personable.  I once coordinated a trip to Geneva around his appearance there at a small club outside town.  Got there early, sat outside and there was Bob—holding court.  I joined in his lively political discussion covering a wide variety of subjects.  But for Bob, it seemed to always come back to the music—and for that I’m grateful for all he shared.  My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Jim Conway

    Farewell my friend.

  • Grant K

    Probably a smoker and/or exposed to toxic tobacco smoke. We’ve REALLY got to ban all smoking everywhere and ban the tobacco drug, too! We’ve lost FAR too many great people like Bob because of the tobacco drug.

  • Ben Churchill

    So shocked to hear the news of Bob’s passing, my thoughts and prayers go out to Hailey and the entire Brozman family. I was lucky enough to get to travel with Bob and be a part of many of his concerts and recording sessions while I worked at Dancing Cat Records. I will never forget his energy and love for the music, ALL music. He will be missed but never forgotten.

  • Billy Dettmer

    Bob brightened up Frankston Guitar Festival a a couple of times … a pleasure to have met him… he’ll leave a demi semi quaver in the music world.. rest… in peace…

  • Beans Sousa

    Bob Brozman and I go way back to 1974 in Santa Cruz. We did our first out of town concert together In Sonora Ca. in 1979 and packed the house. He was the best at what he did of anyone I have seen try. You will be missed Bob. Love ya man. Beans

  • Andy R Worcester England

    RIP. He signed my CDs, i met him several times. Very sad loss.

  • Don Mackessy

    Just recently had the pleasure of working with Bob. I have been a fan for years and was impressed by just how great a guy he was. My heart goes out to those who love him. Peace Bob, we will miss you.

  • Earle White

    Bob will be greatly missed throughout the worldmusic community. Many will miss his brilliance… don’t know what ya got ‘til it’s gone. RIP

  • Rick Steele

    Bob was the real deal.He came to the Perth Blues Club West Australia and was so humble with his great entertaining and virtuoso playing.I always thought of him as a cousin to Groucho Marx or the sixth Marx brother.I am saddened much by this news.

  • tim kavanaugh

    bob, thanks so much for your commitment and appreciable contributions to the development of our beloved instrument (the guitar); we’ll keep the fire burning for you “down here” and kindly save me a guitar chair “up yonder”

  • Tjupurru

    Very sad news for us all in Australia!
    Uncle Bob was a great mentor and friend who always had time and great advice to share with all people.
    I am one of the lucky ones who shared the same stage, green rooms, hotel rooms and my family with him.
    He also blessed me with a gift of his musical genius on a Track on my Album “Global Grove,” soon to be released.
    If there really is a cool place that people go to, then there is going to be a great party up there somwhere!!!
    RIP my friend!
    Galio!!! Tjupurru

  • slowolf

    Thanks for the great list. His work with R. Crumb and the Cheap Suit Serenaders stands out in my mind. He will be missed.

  • Tony Heath

    I am deeply saddened to hear of Bobs passing,He regulary played at my bar the Republic bar and cafe in Hobart Tasmania and liked to stay at our house rather than a hotel and sit in our garden and talk about his family and his garden back home.his music and his understanding of sound was second to none .my condolences to his family

  • dave mcclellan

    bob was a true icon of world music and of santa cruzs’ musical soul, his early days at the club zayante were some of the magic times in the mountains.god bless him and his family.

  • wolfgang windbacher

    he played on 27.3. in vienna at viennabluesspring festival. it was a great concert, people loved him and we spoke about next year…so sad to hear, he will never come, but we will never fotget!wolfgang windbacher

  • Ros Barnes

    A very sad and premature loss. He will be remembered with gret affection by so many around the entire world.

  • Thomas Collins

    In high school, the cafeteria was like open study hall, and Bob ROCKED that place with his pedal to the metal-Steel slide guitar.

  • G.O’Muck

    This is terrible news. What an incredible player he was! Admired by every guitar player everywhere.

  • Neva Reece

    It has been many years since I have seen Bob or heard him perform but I am saddened to hear he has left us so soon. Godspeed to his Spirit and comfort to those who love him.

  • sandy nathewson

    thank you bob R.I.P

  • Neva Reece

    It has been many years since I have seen Bob or heard him perform, but am very saddened to learn he has left us so soon. Godspeed and comfort to all who love him.

  • Robert ZePrez

    I learned with great sadness of the death of Bob Brozman. Bob was a close friend and I am very shocked by his death. How can we forget his talent, his intelligence, his humor ? I am so sad…

  • Linda Rogers

    I first heard of Bob when my ( now canadian ) husband, mandolinist Rick van Krugel, spoke of a fellow Californian who once described him as “Next to me, the most neurotic person I have ever known.”

    Those two self-confessed deep feelers made very soulful music together. Hearing them make musical love was a high point in my life. Today my husband said, “Bob played more beautiful notes in fifty odd years than most musicians could play in ten lifetimes.”

    Rick has gone off to play in Bob’s memory tonight. RIP Bob Brozman. Your spirit lives.

  • jim murray

    Sad news indeed. My buddy and I had the pleasure of supprting him on many of his English tours, he will be missed
    Jim (Hokum Hotshots)

  • Stephanie DiPietro

    Truly heart wrenching news.  He will be missed and mourned all over the world and most of all right here in his own community.  My heart goes out to you, Haley, your love, trust and devotion was pure and true.

  • Mary McCaslin & Greg Arrufat

    We are simply heartbroken and in a sort of shock about Bob’s sudden departure. Our love to Haley and all of Bob’s family. What a tremendous loss!

  • Graeme Gullick

    I’m shocked and saddened to hear this dreadful news. I was introduced to Bob over 20 years ago while living in the UK and was just blown away by his virtuosity as well as his great humour and wonderful spirit. I’ve subsequently seen him here in Australia a few times and always looked forward to his visits. He was a wonderful ambassador for so many types of music and his enthusiasm was infectious. A great loss to the musical world and humanity in general.My sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP Bob

  • Rainer Woeffler and the SONS OF THE DESERT

    We are sad to hear those bad news. Bob shaped our lives and our music for over 20 years now. Such a nice feller! That was way too early for him. He’ll be sliding on that heavenly harp now.
    Rainer and the SONS OF THE DESERT

  • Humenberger Manfred

    I am so sorry. I cant belive that. He was an extraordinary musician and a good friend. His brain was so full of ideas. I will never forget the good times touring with him here in Austria in the 90th. And of course his concert a couple of days ago here at Ghost City Saloon will be in my brain forever.

  • Neal Paisley

    I am so sorry to his family.  Bob was a personal influence as well.  His playing and his knowledge touched many.

  • pascal Mesnier

    Aloha Bob. We met at Bourges festival France for your first show there in 92’. We had many friends in common there in the other side of the pond… I will remember the good times spent together, lunches (and your French was superb!), testing reso guitars in many guitar show where we crossed each other, London and France.

  • Scott Alberts

    I’m in shock.

    Bob was such an energetic and inspiring musician, an enthusiastic teacher and a warm and generous soul. A Master in so many ways.

    My condolences to his family.  Let us all be inspired by the way he put so much of himself into everything he did.  He left us so much.

  • Mark Stenzler

    I am greatly saddened to hear this news. Bob Brozman was not only a wonderful musician, but also a great songwriter. His critical political commentary in his lyrics were exceptionally right on target.

    He is already missed.

  • Jan la Pierre

    Moi, je l’ai rencontré une fois (il y a un an seulement – j’espérais bien-sûr le revoir), et je l’ai aimé à jamais.
    Je ne t’oublierai pas Bob !

  • Chris Templeton

    A super player and entertainer. I’m sorry to see you go. Aloha

  • candye kane

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! This cant be happening. I cant believe this. Oh my god. Not Bob. He was one of my sweetest friends. oh my god.

  • Les Jellyroll Lewis

    I met Bob in St. Louis, MO, mid 70’s.  He was attending and teaching at Washington U and playing at venues such as Duff’s, The Brooklyn Pickle and a dimly remembered bluegrass festival on Chuck Berry’s farm.  He was one of my few and true guitar hero’s.  I’ve thought of him often through these years and will continue in his remembrance.  R.I.P. Bob.

  • George Bognar

    The sky is crying and I am sooooooo saddened by this news;  the Good Lord does indeed work in mysterious and unfathomable ways;  why was he taken from us so young and when he still had to much to give us all?  Never had the pleasure of catching Bob live, as I only recently discovered him and his God given gifts;  I’ve listened to a lot of slide players in my time but never one so unique;  he made it all look soooooooooo easy too.  Gone to the Big Gig in the Sky, of that I’m certain.  Next time I pick up my resonator uke and play her, I’ll be thinking of Bob.

  • Michael Dunn

    I am stunned at the news of Bob’s passing. We go back 25 years. His musicianship was incomparable and we shared hundreds of musical hours together in all kinds of circumstances. Of my ten best musical memories of my life, as least eight of them would involve Bob. My sincere condolences to Hayley, Zoe, and all of his family and friends around the world who are saddened at this great loss to the musical world. So long, my dear friend…..


  • Cee Cee James

    Oh how sad… (:

  • Jim Pharis

    Very sad news. One of my musical heroes. My condolences to his family.

  • Duane Inglish

    Bob was a force of nature.  I met him in the early 80’s when I booked him into my little nightclub in San Luis Obispo.  His show turned our place upside down!! I’ll never forget it.  Fast forward 35 years when he performed again at my backyard music fest and I swear he was more energetic in his 50’s than in his 20’s!! More recently he and Haley graciously provided a place for my band to stay whenever we performed in Santa Cruz. He left us way too early.  He will be missed.

  • Bill Keitel


        Many of us spent a week or two at Columbia Univ. at International guitar seminars.  Bob Brozman and Woody Mann were the co-founders of this prestigious seminar that started off the millennium.  The students that attended were promised they would be able to add additional skills to their musical toolbox.  With all the new found poly-rhythms….Bob said he wanted us to “walk with a funkier groove”.  Students learned more in one week than the they had in the past decade.  As a musician and instructor Bob was a musical and sensory overload.  The seminars lasted a few years and Bob and Woody taught perhaps 500 students both in the U.S and abroad.  Many of these students have gone on to play professionally and semi professionally.  We were sent out from the Jefferson Hall of Journalism after our last concert with an understanding.  “Hold fast to the spirit of youth, and let the years do what they may!”  Bob left us an appreciation for risk and courage, he exhorted to his students, “stand tall and be proud!”
        Mr. Brozman went out of his way to play a small music festival in my community.  The following week he was playing the Lincoln Center.  He had little regard and even contempt for pop stardom.  It was a much larger world out there..and musically he wanted to comprehend as much as he could.  He had strongly held politcal opinions and since he had earned his “junior philosophers badge” when he turned 50.  He made an incredibly intelligent emissary for the U.S. In his travels that often lasted 6 or 7 months abroad each year.

      While staying at my house he perused my library and read one of my books…. in an afternoon.  This book had taken me a week or two to read.  We discussed it in detail and I realized he had fully grasped the entirety of this book.  He acknowledged that he seemed to have the capacity to learn and speed read with rather great proficiency. 
        Bob also left major record labels behind.  He once mentioned that selling a million CD’s on a major label is the equivalent to selling 10,000 CD’s on his private label.  We were discussing entrepreneurship and he then stated that he has between 20 and 30 CD’s and none of them have sold less than that 10,000 mark.  That equates to 20 or 30 gold records, much to his credit.
      I was playing music in a small cafe, in a small town, in a remote region of Italy.  It was a CD release party and I was the opening act.  The main musician came up to me afterwards and said “you sound a bit like Bob Brozman”.  Unbeknownst to me, Bob had been there the week before.
      Bob spread his music far and wide, he had little regard to the U.S. Market.  I phoned Bob when I got home and told him of my musical coincidence in far off Italy.  I told him that when I arrive in this community they were “walking with a funkier groove”.
    Bill Keitel
    [email protected]

  • Ali Rae

    An incredibly sad sad day, and what a loss for Santa Cruz. I was lucky to meet Bob a couple of years ago in California, through a mutual love of National and Santa Cruz guitars. I was also lucky to see him play here in Scotland at Martin Taylor’s (Jazz Icon)Kirkmichael guitar festival. He had so much music in him, it burst out all over his body, plus he was a lovely bloke, happy to talk National Guitars and Mandolins all night. He was tickled that I was using mine for playing Irish and Scottish music. He really was far too young to go, shedding quite a few tears here in Scotland today. His Nationals will never sound the same again, RIP Bob.

  • scott alley

    I’m not one of the famous ones who played alongside Bob Brozman, or even one of the lucky people who shared a laugh or dinner with him. But I am one of the many who’s music has been influenced by him in so many ways. Now he’s teaching the angels how to get clean 12th fret vibratos on their Nationals, just as we’re doing down here. So long, Bob – we’ll be thinking of you often.

  • Jack Howard

    Goodbye Bob,

    I’ve long followed and admired your career and have appreciated your personal dignity and the goodwill you perpetually delivered to your collaborators and fans.  Your music was *always* an expression of joy, to say nothing of unrivaled mastery.  You had open ears and an open heart and you gave as good as you got.  You deserved another thirty years.  And we’ll have to learn to live, as best as we are able, without your exquisite soundtrack.

    Thank you, sir.  May you long shine as a very fine example to others who choose music as their profession.  And to all humans as a fine model of how to make your way through life.

    Jack Howard

  • Rob Andrews

    A sad day, when you lose one of the greatest slide players and human being.One
    of a kind.. God Bless BB and his Family..

            Rob Slideboy Andrews



  • Nancy Newnan

    Aloha Cyril,

    I was blessed to attend the first Slack Key Masters at Napili Kai Beach Resort with you, George Kahumoku, Jr and Bob. What a wonderful, wonderful evening.

    Bob will be fondly remembered.

  • Pat Kittle

    A magician of a musician, a nice guy, & Santa Cruz ambassador extraordinaire.

    We lost another great one.

  • B

    I knew Bob a bit from the early days in Santa Cruz, and ran into him again at NAMM in L.A. years later—I think he remembered me even though we were a bit peripheral to one another, yet we also had at least two major interests in common.  At NAMM, there seemed to be a recognition, and we had another conversation; also got to see him play at length that evening, very nice.

    He was an angry leftist Jew, fundamentally, with all the errors of that worldview, but found a certain saving grace in the guitar, and it helped him keep a certain humanity, I believe, that he might likely not have otherwise found.  He had an affection for the guitar that did not much otherwise enter into his explicit worldview unless, usually, he was regarding those whom he regarded as the downtrodden—perhaps that included a sort of affection.  Speaking with him I always felt that behind the superficial that he was at least striving for something higher, even through the primary resentment and dissatisfaction.

    That personality was mostly a heavy burden, I am sure, and I sincerely hope that he has found relief.

    Godspeed, Bob, and all the best.  I will include you in my practices and hope that the positive products of your struggles will serve you well throughout eternity.

  • Joseph Harder

    I first heard him on an album called “Jill Croston” by a Santa Cruz songstress who would soon become famous using a different identity. In the middle of the first number,“Good Time Mama”, she cried out, “play it For Me Bobby!” and I promptly heard some of the finest guitar work I ever heard , He was very close to genius.

  • Paul Baker

    I’m a plectrum banjoist but when I 1st heard this guy on ABC TV in Sydney was knocked out as to how many styles he could play on guitar—a real virtuoso.

  • Aunts Rose and Frances

    Robbie was a devoted son to his dad, Shep, and a joy to his aunts and cousins.  We enjoyed his music and it was at his wedding that we realized how international his playing was.  We cherish our many wonderful memories and our thought are with Halley, his shinning star.

  • Michael Cass

    whatta shock!  Bob and I go back to the days way before Don Young left OMI to start National Resophonic Guitars. I sold Bob a few Nationals over the years and I always provided him with details regarding any National I came across, for sale or otherwise. We even good naturedly kept the Dobro/National “feud” going grin
    I remain a fan of Bob’s masterful playing and singing. Sadly, Bob was the last living person in my acquaintance who like myself knew and benefitted from the friendship and mentoring of one John Dopyera Sr. We often talked of John, being that Bob spent a good ammount of time with him in his latter years.
    Bob Brozman is an important part of American musical history, and I look forward to him being justly honored as such in the near future.
    RIP my friend.


  • Jeff Lang

    Devastating news.
    It has been very difficult to accept that I won’t be seeing my friend again.
    The time we spent together on and off stage was mostly spent laughing our heads off.
    What a brilliant musician, what a wonderful human being, what a rich life and legacy.
    My heart is with Haley and his daughter Zoe.
    Vale Bob, I was lucky to have known you mate.

  • Pat Kittle

    Interesting perspective, thanks.

  • Pat Kittle

    Interesting, thanks.

  • Gordon Burt

    Bob gave us so much…not only as a performer, but as an extraordinary—patient and talented—teacher.  For all of us blessed to have him as a teacher and player at George Kahumoku’s Hawaiian music camp, his teaching remains a great gift in our lives, as are the times shared with him.  While we always hoped for more good times, and the precious memories are too few, and too short…they are cherished memories, and gifts that remain with us.

  • Michael Gordon

    Hilo sheds a tear in your passing Bob.We will leave a space at the breakwater next time you want to kanekapila.
    Aloha Friend

  • kab

    A loss to our youth – he engaged in a very special way with all ages but when I watched him with the young people – I knew he was someone special.

    Fairbridge Festival – Australia

  • Carl Rey

    When I first met Bob on the Pacific Garden Mall in Santa Cruz it was 1977 or 78. I had never seen nor heard a performer as energetic and precise as he. He became a great influence on my career through our friendship and various musical collaborations with Del Rey and the Bluesgators. I will always remember performing with that musical genius and know just how lucky I really was. I only wish he could have found a way….. He will be greatly missed by all those whose lives he touched. Goodbye Bob

  • Robin Bienemann

    I got to spend time with Bob in Chicago years ago.  I could not convince him to like Chicago but he was wonderful to me – trading dinner and a bed for a few lessons. He sent me to the hardware store for tools, and the next day did a quick setup of my old National sitting on the stage at Blues Fest. I don’t know how anyone could love music and musicians more than him.  He was so full of passion and life. I will never forget him. Sending lots of Love to all his family and friends. Robin Bienemann (Chicago)

  • Peter M. Carlson

    I was fortunate to call Bob my friend. I engineered and co-produced Bob’s first 6 records/cds. We worked a lot really closely for a whole lot of hours on them. We travelled to Hawaii to record the Tau Moe Family record. Though we didn’t have a lot of contact recently, (the last time I saw him was at the NAMM show a year ago), we talked of getting together and reminiscing. I will miss my friend Broucho…

  • Andrew Haynes

    Many memories of seeing him play.  One of a kind.  He wrote the book.  Enjoy every day, every breath, every sandwich.

    Blessings to Haley Sage and his daughter Zoe.

  • Terry Laucher

    I always loved the sound of a slide guitar. Many, many years ago I bought one and a music store recommended Bob to teach me. He said he hadn’t done that before but lets see how it goes. Once a week, I would go to his little cabin in Brookdale Ca. We sat, surrounded by his guitar collection.  After about a half hour of lessons, he would give me a personal concert on my guitar, with his wife Mary, playing the mandolin next to me.
    All this for 15 bucks. Goodbye Bob, you were a great man.

  • Paul Hostetter

    And now that we have four pages of his best friends missing him, perhaps it’s time for them al to check the other article on and read the comments: Pay particular attention to those by Gary Atkison, Mary Christine (his first wife) and David Lindley. Thank you.

  • Phil Donnison

    It has been a great shock to hear of Bob’s death. He was a great friend and collaborator and we spent much time together in Australia and in particular Papua New Guinea where we recorded and filmed “Songs Of The Volcano” a testament to a great musicologist working in the field.
    Bob was a master of his instruments , a great teacher and was loved and admired around the world.
    He will be sorely missed.

  • Yosef Rakia-Pa’amoni

    One phrase for you: McMartin Daycare Center. Don’t believe everything you believe, friend.

  • NIgel Hanrahan

    I was very impressed with Bob at the Vancouver Folk Festival in 2010. While on stage, he spoke about being a little bit of a better man every day. What he said stuck with me, so I sent him a complimentary e mail. He replied: “The better man idea is simply based on how short and precious life is, and the value of the people around us in our daily lives.”

  • Joseph Skibell

    I’m a liberal Jew and your comment made me angry. Maybe you had the effect on Bob.

  • Dean

    Very very sad news , shocked to hear after reading an ebay ad for a National guitar for the ‘Late Great Bob Brosman’ what a shock.
    Bob was incredibly gifted , a learned soul.
    We saw him in Australia many times, and I would like to ad he was kind enough to reply to an email enquiry I had about a Regal resonator I was trying to date and identify, no sale involved , but I received a personal friendly reply,
    “Don’t know it’s exact age,JUST PLAY IT !”
    Rest In Peace Bob.
    I’m sure there will be a Heavenly band of which you will lead.

  • Jim Dunlop

    I am still in shock,I just heard about Bob’s Death on Friday,I called Richard Hoover for more details. My thoughts go out to his loved ones.

  • George Panzaru

    I have just found out! I still can’t believe my eyes! What a shock! I became familiar with his music through Kosmic Blues(1998) and followed his record releases closely. His arrival in Romania -where he played with Nightloosers – was totally unexpected and everybody was so thrilled…One of the GODS of the music…What a tragic loss…We all here (those who are familiar with him and his music and his work) will miss him a lot. Next week we are going to honour him at a special session / meeting at Copou House Of Culture in Iasi and a broadcast at Radio Iasi.RIP.All our respect to the family

  • Mark Allerton

    Only just heard the news. I had the privilege of roadying for Bob a couple of times at the Thredbo Blues Festival, where he was always a star. Skip Sail played with him. I remember getting over to a stage over an hour early to help him with his extremely heavy set of Nationals, 42 string Indian guitar, Weissenborn lap steel and so on. Bob was already there, re-stringing everything, as he did before each gig. And his sound check routine was an extraordinary concentrated lesson in acoustics, music and acrobatics. The shining National would spin round between dazzling licks to test all the frequencies. Remember his brown bottleneck, that he made when he was 14, and used the rest of his life.
    You will be missed by so many. You have challenged us to learn what you taught us.

  • Patrick rainford

        Bob Brozman was not only a gifted musician but a wonderful teacher.
      The World is a little colder and darker with his passing.

        Aloha o’e

  • Chris Sharp

    I have only just found out this terribly sad news of Bob’s passing.  My thoughts are with his wife Haley and daughter Zoe who he always spoke about when playing in the UK.

    Bob was a real inspiration as a performer and teacher who had the ability to connect with people at a deep level that was long lasting, and influential on audiences and students.

    I have been lucky enough to have seen him play number of times and attended IGS in Vancouver and New York where I was privileged to have been taught slide guitar. His lessons were full of insight, humour and his quick wit and well developed world view. I was struck by his willingness to give masses of information so much so that I came away from 1 week of Bob Brozman lessons convinced I had received a life changing musical experience. Thank you Bob. R.I.P.