Tips for Interior Design With a New Home

Moving into a new home, it can be tricky to figure out what layout will best complement your lifestyle. That’s why it is particularly important to consider the relationship between your way of life and the interior design of your home.

The prospect of arranging your furniture and art in a new space can be both exciting and daunting to new home buyers, but with a few simple tips you can better understand how to create your perfect environment.

Take a moment to consider some of these approaches before settling for a layout that may do you and your new home an injustice. Here a few simple-yet-powerful tips for turning a house into a home.


Keep Work Separate
Though it may seem obvious, it is quite important to maintain a healthy distance between where you work and where you live, and especially where you sleep.

Several studies have shown that working in the vicinity of your bed or on your bedroom can dramatically affect your ability to fall asleep and sleep well. When you become accustomed to working in a particular environment, you associate the space with that activity. Therefore it can be hard to turn off your working mind when all you want to do is get some rest. If your new home doesn’t have an office, consider creating a space that’s not in the bedroom where you can focus and get work done.

Facing Your Furniture
Practical furniture placement is a key element of any home. Highlight the best attributes of both the space of the room and the furniture, as well as the view from the furniture.

If the room has windows overlooking scenery or receives a pleasant amount of light, you may want to open up your furniture to face or at least partially face the windows. Create easy access to the furniture and through the room without underplaying or isolating pieces.

Clutter is a Killer
Too much stuff in a space can instantly create a weighted-down feeling that can kill the sense of renewal in a new home.  Be sure to find a place for possessions that won’t make you feel burdened.

Michael Bain is an analyst for New Home Source.


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