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Goldies 2004

Santa Cruz County Economic Index

* In 2000, 5.1 percent of the county's Caucasian households earned over $200,000 compared to 2.1 percent African American, 1.8 American Indian/Alaskan, 4.8 percent Asian, 0 percent Pacific Islander and I.3 percent of Hispanic households.

* In 2002, Santa Cruz County ranked as second least affordable area in the nation, by percentage of homes affordable to median income families.

* In 2002, the county's highest unemployment rate was in Watsonville at 16.5 percent.

* In 2002, 17.2 percent of county households were able to afford a median-priced home, better than San Francisco (13.5 percent) and worse than Santa Clara County (24.4 percent), and way worse than the state and national rates of 28.8 and 56.7 percent, respectively.


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* In 2003, 27.5 percent of residents said they were better off than the year before--the lowest percentage reporting that since 1995.

* In 2003, median family income grew by 8.1 percent to $74,600, according to the US. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

* In 2003, almost 51 percent of households spent half or more of their income after tax on housing costs, while 20 percent of households spent 75 percent or more of their income after tax on housing. Of those spending over 75 percent of income after taxes on housing, 40.7 were Caucasian, and 76.7 percent were Latino.

* In 2003, average local rents dropped by 7.8 percent for a studio, 13.1 percent for a one-bedroom and 12.9 percent for a two-bedroom unit.

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From the March 31-April 7, 2004 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.

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