Medical Cannabis: The Best Cannabis Option

medical cannabis talk to your doctor

[Sponsored]   With recreational cannabis on the horizon, why continue certification as a medical cannabis patient? There are many good reasons. The most obvious is that medical cannabis is less expensive. Recognized medical patients will be exempt from state and local sales taxes. Some communities may increase their cannabis tax revenues by even more than…

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Comedian Richard Stockton on Civil Disobedience

flattened stop sign civil disobedience

In August, 22-year-old Takiyah Thompson was arrested in Durham, North Carolina, for helping to topple a Confederate statue. A member of Workers World Party and student at N.C. Central University, Thompson climbed the statue and attached a rope to it. Demonstrators then pulled it down and began beating the crumpled bronze monument. Thompson said at…

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Intro to OPERS at UCSC

OPERS at UCSC University of California Santa Cruz

The motto of the Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (OPERS) is “there’s something for everyone,” and that’s exactly what the biggest and baddest sports/recreation/wellness/fitness organization on UCSC’s campus seeks to provide. The university administration takes student health and fitness seriously, and budgets millions of dollars for OPERS to ensure that Slugs have top-notch…

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Y2K Live Looping Festival Returns Oct 17-24

Y2K Live Looping Festival

Audio/video artist Albert Mathias headlines the Y2K Live Looping Festival as stRiCtLy AlBeRt. PHOTO: George Wilshire   “I never would’ve become a multi-instrumentalist if it wasn’t for looping,” exclaims Rick Walker. “Every year I continue to add a new paradigm.” The talented and eccentric artist is discussing his Y2K Live Looping Festival, which runs from October 17-24 throughout…

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Does Older Really Mean Wiser?

does older mean wiser senior couple man and woman grey hair autumn

Some seniors say younger people don’t seek out their advice, though they have a lot to impart about what they’ve learned—and haven’t learned.   Seniors open up about learning a lifetime of lessons   I try very hard not to roll my eyes when I hear someone extolling “the wisdom of the elderly.” To me,…

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Dominican Zen and the Art of Healing

Dominican Zen holistic care Santa Cruz apothecary bottles

New Dominican Zen team creates holistic approach to health care in Santa Cruz County   Born from the desire of both patients and caregivers to find more integrative ways to address healthcare, Dominican Hospital’s newly unveiled Dominican Zen program seeks to do just that … stat. “The hospital experience can be intense and anxiety-provoking,” says…

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Me and Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin

Meeting Janis Joplin backstage at a concert in 1968 was an eye-opening moment for the author, who was part of the Boomers’ generation shift from square to experiemental.   A story of cheap thrills left tragically, maddeningly unthrilled as the Boomer Generation went from square to daring     I am from the generation of…

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Secret Agent Senior with the Go Game

June Smith an actor for the Go Game

The author in character for a Go Game. PHOTO: KEANA PARKER   A new cell phone scavenger hunt on steroids can get retirees out and about—while paying them for their role in team-building   “Men do not quit playing because they grow old—they grow old because they quit playing,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes. He was…

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