Dominican Zen and the Art of Healing

Dominican Zen holistic care Santa Cruz apothecary bottles

New Dominican Zen team creates holistic approach to health care in Santa Cruz County   Born from the desire of both patients and caregivers to find more integrative ways to address healthcare, Dominican Hospital’s newly unveiled Dominican Zen program seeks to do just that … stat. “The hospital experience can be intense and anxiety-provoking,” says…

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Me and Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin

Meeting Janis Joplin backstage at a concert in 1968 was an eye-opening moment for the author, who was part of the Boomers’ generation shift from square to experiemental.   A story of cheap thrills left tragically, maddeningly unthrilled as the Boomer Generation went from square to daring     I am from the generation of…

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Secret Agent Senior with the Go Game

June Smith an actor for the Go Game

The author in character for a Go Game. PHOTO: KEANA PARKER   A new cell phone scavenger hunt on steroids can get retirees out and about—while paying them for their role in team-building   “Men do not quit playing because they grow old—they grow old because they quit playing,” said Oliver Wendell Holmes. He was…

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Dining Destination: Soquel Village

Soquel Village dining Home restaurant

Most visitors to Santa Cruz flock to downtown when it comes time to eat out. But located just outside the most worn tourist paths, and a short trip inland from Capitola Village, lies another dining destination whose concentration of restaurants rivals downtown in their diversity and consistency of quality. On the strip of Soquel Drive…

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Santa Cruz Music’s Americana Roots

Marty O'Reilly Santa Cruz Americana musician

“Americana” isn’t an easy genre to define. It can be folk, country, rock, bluegrass, blues or jazz—and usually involves a mixture of those genres. At heart, though, it’s simply American roots music, and over the last few years, it’s risen to the top of the Santa Cruz music scene. These days, several of the most…

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Top 10 Jewelers in Downtown Santa Cruz

Artisans Gallery, Jewelers in Downtown Santa Cruz

Long associated with power, spirit, and protection, the intimate aesthetic of jewelry speaks a language all its own. Lovers of ornamentation will find much to admire in downtown Santa Cruz. Whether your taste runs to refined bling, organic materials, jewelry as artwork, or eco-conscious creations, there’s a gem here for everyone. Here’s where to start…

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Botanical Reflexology Blends Relaxation and Healing

Botanical Reflexology foot massage

From digital-free teahouses, massage rooms and spas to serene redwood forests and beaches, opportunities for relaxation and pampering are plentiful in Santa Cruz. But spending a blissful hour in the reclining leather chair of Christine Nickell of Botanical Reflexology is an experience in total-body relaxation like no other. A certified essential oil therapist and certified…

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Can You Escape from Exit Santa Cruz?

Exit Santa Cruz

I am part of an “elite 20 percent,” Steven Cleek tells me. Unfortunately, he’s being ironic. About 80 percent of the people who play the games at Santa Cruz’s new escape room Exit Santa Cruz solve all the puzzles and unlock the door at the end to make their escape, he says. My group was…

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