Geoffrey Dunn

Staff Writer

Palin’s Opus Might be More Fiction Than Fact

In ‘Going Rogue,’ Sarah Palin puts her own spin on everything, including the facts.

IT’S BEEN a rather tawdry week of Sarah Palin mania as the former governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential nominee has taken to the Lower 48 to promote her highly anticipated memoir, Going Rogue, which was written with evangelical co-author Lynn Vincent—though you won’t see that rather significant fact included anywhere on the cover or even on the book’s title page. It’s actually buried deep in the book’s acknowledgements, well after Palin thanks herself.

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Palin’s Resignation No Surprise

Sarah Palin has appeared to be governing Alaska as an afterthought.

It’s been a helluva Independence Day weekend in the Last Frontier. Wow! First the Governor resigns, then she allows no questions, no open media coverage, provides no serious explanation and expects no one to wonder why in the world she would step down from the only platform from which she can claim any political legitimacy.

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Elegy for James D. Houston

Jim Houston

Where does a writer begin a story? My friend James D. (“Jim”) Houston, a mentor and colleague, a literary father figure and cultural signpost—for Santa Cruz and California, for the entire Pacific Rim—is no longer here to answer that question, a circumstance that at this moment remains difficult to grasp.

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