Georgia Perry

Staff Writer

Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned?

UCSC’s ban on smoking includes not only cigarettes, but also e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco, part of a shift toward limiting the health-care costs created by primary users. Photo by Chip Scheuer.

“Secondhand smoke kills.” We’ve all heard it, and it’s been used as justification for <a href=" great and small—in bars, on campuses and throughout cities. At this point, most can agree that it is not fair for nonsmokers to have to suffer the negative health effects caused by cigarette smoke. But new rounds of smoking…

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A Dog Search Like No Other

Tim Ruzzo walking his Beagle, Johanne,  on Its Beach in Santa Cruz.

The first time I met him, Tim Ruzzo was saddled with a large briefcase stuffed to near bursting with documents about his dog. Like a magician pulling an endless handkerchief out of his pocket, Ruzzo retrieved adoption papers, legal documents and news articles about other people like him—people who had had their dogs stolen. He…

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