Traci Hukill

Staff Writer

All ‘Together’ With The New Pornographers

A few nights ago on “The Sound of Young America,” the syndicated radio show hosted by former KZSC star Jesse Thorn, New Pornographers founder and frontman Carl Newman let fly with the kind of self-deprecating statement that makes everyone love Canadians. “We just can’t take ourselves seriously as rock stars,” he said, explaining the group’s penchant for satirical videos.

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UPDATE: Tsunami Warning Downgraded

Foul water from the surge rolls up the Harbor embankment. Photo by Chip Scheuer.

The County Office of Emergency Services downgraded its tsunami warning to a tsunami advisory on Friday afternoon following a briefing scheduled for 3:30pm. Office spokesman Enriques Sahagun said evacuees are encouraged to return home and that beaches will be opened periodically, although people are still being asked to stay out of the water.

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Adventure Out: Keepers of The Flame

Jack Harrison coaxes a flame from a tinder bundle. Photo by Chip Scheuer.

We muster at 10 o’clock under the redwoods outside Boulder Creek on a Saturday morning in February, 19 people shivering in our fleece and sweatshirts around a smoky fire. We are here to learn basic wilderness survival—how to keep ourselves alive in the elements in case someday, somehow, things go terribly wrong. With slide show.

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No Shortage of Challenges in Resources Post

They call him Mr. Secretary.

In 1983, as Gov. Jerry Brown was leaving office at the close of his second term, he appointed an energetic young councilmember from Santa Cruz to the Solar Cal Council’s local government commission on renewable energy sources. John Laird went on that year to become one of the first openly gay mayors in the country and to launch a political career the particulars of which are well known in these parts: as Cabrillo College Trustee; as Assemblymember with an appointment as chair of the budget committee; as state senate candidate and now, in a leap from the legislative to the executive branch, as Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency. “And now I’m sitting here with industrial solar projects on my plate 28 years later,” he says.

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Calls for Civility on Lompico Board

It wasn’t exactly a Kumbaya moment, but tensions on the Lompico Water Board did ease somewhat last week after board member Sherwin Gott issued a public apology to board president Rick Harrington over the previous week’s kerfuffle, which saw rattled boardmembers call a recess in order to restore decorum in the tiny meeting room.

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Confessions of A Bicycle Profiler

I hate editors’ confessionals. The manufactured vulnerability, the self-effacing humor, the tidy moral of the story—it’s cringe-inducing. But here I am, about to let one fly, because I have to fill this space and this episode has been bothering me since it happened, which was on New Year’s Day.

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