David Bowie Birthday Bash 2018

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About David Bowie Birthday Bash 2018

David Bowie Birthday Bash 2018
We will start the new year off right celebrating and remembering one of the most if not the most iconoclastic artists of our time, David Bowie! Perhaps the world will never again see such a unique and shapeshifting performer. Ahead of his time, David Bowie took us places we didn’t know existed. From his early career in the late 60’s to his last album released just days before his death and birthday in 2016, David Bowie allowed us to travel alongside his fresh, unapologetic music and style. Stretching from folk rock to soul, funk, punk and beyond, Bowie continually tested the norm. He paved ways for generations of artists to experiment and to be themselves. Join us, All You Pretty Things, at The Crepe Place - January 6th, 2018 for the 3rd annual Bowie Birthday Bash!
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