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Life as a Monk at Nolanda Monastery

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About Life as a Monk at Nolanda Monastery

Join us for this special evening talk with Venerable Gyalsten and Venerable Losang Tendar.

We are excited and honored to host this public talk about making life meaningful as a monk and what it is like to live life in a monastery.

Ven. Gyaltsen and Ven. Tendar will also talk about the monastic tradition in general and answer the most commonly asked questions people have about life as a monk. They hope to meet many Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike on this tour and their goal is to inspire and benefit as many people as possible on their way through North America.

**All registration/class donations will go to support an ongoing Nalanda Monastery project.**

Learn more about their N. American tour here:

About the Speakers:

Venerable Tendar is the Director of the International Mahayana Institute (IMI). More info about IMI here:

Venerable Gyaltsen is the Director of the Nalanda Monastery in France.

Turning the Great Prayer Wheel

video:Turning the Great Prayer Wheel

Festival thangka 2018

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