Jimbo Scott & Pardon The Interruption

About Little People

Have you ever been walking down the street, and suddenly heard a voice that made you walk into a venue to see whose it was? That is Jimbo Scott’s voice - a bell, magnetic and the definition of a powerhouse. A favorite in the Bay Area’s esteemed house concert scene and folk venues, Jimbo’s combines the influences of his birthplace of Memphis, TN and his life-long home in the San Francisco Bay Area, His songs evoke traditions of Tennessee country and bluegrass, Oakland soul and sepia toned California landscapes and life-scapes. Like a spinning mirror, Jimbo’s music casts reflections around the room, flashing from honest self-deprecation to cinematic retrospectives on our part in shaping our communities and accounting the consequences of our actions and inactions.

Jimbo Scott has honed his skills in the last 2 years as a member of the famed Bay Area bluegrass jam band Poor Man’s Whiskey. His performances with the band at The Kate Wolf Music Festival and the Great American Music Hall, among countless other events, helped to draw attention to his solo work. With Poor Man’s Whiskey announcing a hiatus at the end of 2019, Jimbo aims to seize on the momentum of the last two years and invite the loyal PMW fanbase as well as folk and americana fans far and wide to enjoy his own musical contributions.


Pardon the Interruption is a 4 piece band from the SF Bay area. We write and play music to “disrupt” the status quo with energetic & upbeat funk, rock, soul, reggae, and blues — original songs {and some great covers} that ask us to get real and look at many of the more complex socio-political issues of our time, connect with each other — and dance.

We live in a technological age of constant competing interests. Social media, smartphones, tablets, and the pace of modern living have made many individuals highly distractible. In this hectic state, people appear too busy to pay attention to individual, social, and environmental issues plaguing the world around them.

Music has the power to connect individuals with each other over common interests, and PTI does not shy away from lyrical content that tackles complex socio-political issues including gun control, racism, gender inequity, and environmental disasters. One might assume, given the song content, that PTI’s music would strike a somber and melancholy tone. Instead, Pardon The Interruption delivers energetic and upbeat funk, rock, soul, reggae, and blues that serve as a vehicle for these more serious topics.

Band members include:

David Noble (Poor Man’s Whiskey, Nina Hagen, When In Rome)

Jamison Smeltz (Casino Royale, The Fuxedos, The Purple Ones)

Rob Hooper (Danny Click, Carolyn Wonderland, Hot Buttered Rum)

Rob Fordyce (Lenny Williams, Big Brother and the Holding Company)
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