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Natural Dyeing and Eco-Stamping on Paper

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About Natural Dyeing and Eco-Stamping on Paper

Continuing on our exploration of natural dyeing, we're moving next to dyeing and printing with natural materials on paper. Join us to try your hand at painting, dipping, and washing papers in a variety of natural dyes made from pommegranate, onion skin, indigo, and more. Learn to manipulate colors and create patterns using natural mordanting agents and techniques including overdye, gradient, and dip dyeing. Embellish your dyed papers by ecostamping with florals and printing with an array of provided blocks and stamps. Each student will be provided a set of six 5x7" papers to work with, and may also bring any additional materials of their own to work with if time allows.

Interested in our other Natural Dye workshops? Find us at where we are consistently hosting multiple levels of indigo shibori and botanical dye workshops.
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