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The Cherry Orchard

TheaterArtsMountain Community Theater
Akio Nanamura Alie Mac and Tom Goldrup. David Halper David Leach Helene Jara Jim Goldrup Jocelyn McMahon Nat Robinson Rick Kuhn Scott Kravitz Sequoia JonesThe production includes many Santa Cruz favorites including Sarah Albertson

About The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard, MCT's final production of 2019, deals with dislocating events in the life of a Russian family of landowners, their neighbors, and the people who work for them. Powerful social forces are in motion, and everyone is altered by them. Despair seems pervasive, and yet joy persists. Chekhov makes each of his characters simultaneously likable and infuriating, credible and foolish. It was his great gift as a writer to make each life in his plays complex, vivid, and necessary.
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