Wheels of Politics

Re: “Spoke Out” (<a href=" In the article on the Bike Church being frozen out of the action distributing unclaimed lost and stolen bikes to youth in the community, the actual dynamic of the decision is apparent. Five of the seven of the city councilmembers believe staff reports above their own observations in the community. Give the Bike Church a shot.

Full disclosure: I am not an anarchist; I’m not even a Republican.

Jonathan Holmes Boutelle
Santa Cruz

No Como Carne

Re: “Burrito Power Rankings” (<a href=" Maybe this survey is not for my kind, as I’m a vegetarian and this seems to be a meat overload. I love burritos though, and hope that you can take a time out from the meat deal to discover the beauty of the absence.

I’m not talking about vegan though they deserve their due. Perhaps your food critic doesn’t feel up to this task which I understand.

M. Gottfried
Santa Cruz

Jacob Pierce responds: I included what in my experience was the tastiest burrito from each taqueria—including El Frijolito’s deliciously vegetarian chile relleno burrito. Many of the top spots’ veggie burritos can be good, too—and all my points about good tortillas, rice, beans and wrapping still apply.

Should Have Known Better

Re: “Worst Date Ever” (<a href=" Noticing the story about bad dates today at the Bagelry, the memory of one I had in Santa Cruz has to be on the list as a contender:

A breakfast place I liked had a pretty server that I asked out one day. We arranged a time and date and I picked her up at her place. She greeted me at the door, and I noticed alcohol on her breath immediately. While she was in the other room as I waited, a guy walked in and acted like they were a couple, I thought, and he acted upset seeing me there. She seemed aloof to him, like they were only roommates, and we left to have Chinese food downtown. During dinner she ordered a glass of red wine and soon knocked it over on the table and food and part of me. Acting really drunk now, we leave early and I am feeling like, “why me”? We get into the VW Bug, which you know is a small cab inside. I get her into her seat and by this time she needed my help. I get into the car and she passes out and her head is now in my lap and pinning the steering wheel so I can’t drive.

It might have been an hour before I could get her sitting up and staying there, the seat belt didn’t help. Finally I can drive her home, still sleeping and out of it. I completely carried her into the house and got out of there as fast as my legs could carry me. I walk back to the car and first close the passenger door I left open. I then discover my nice sheepskin seat cover she sat on had a big wet spot. I should have known something was wrong when the first red flag was raised at the front door.

I didn’t date for awhile after that night and never saw her again. I recall that she was studying to be a bail bondsman, and I avoided that restaurant till she moved on.

Steve Rudzinski
Santa Cruz