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Letters to the Editor, Apr 2 – Apr 8

Friend of a Friend Re: “Deep Web” (<a href=" I’m just catching up with your stories on Tim Goncharoff, and it reminds me of the fact that he and I are Facebook friends. As an entertainer, I have something close to 3000 “friends” on FB, and I don’t do much in the way of filtering…

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Letters to the Editor, March 26 – April 1

Give Credit Re: “Big Empty” (<a href=" Regarding your recent cover and article on the Rittenhouse Building, I would like to add some details that I feel were barely discussed in your article. First, Louis Rittenhouse has been extraordinarily generous to many, many nonprofit organizations and artists. I feel he has been extremely generous in…

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Letters to the Editor, March 19-25

‘Nobody Made This Up’ Re: “Deep Web” (Currents, March 12): I am writing because I believe I am one of the few people who knows the truth about all this. I have been aware of the facebook profiles Tim created since December of 2012. I was concerned about them because after he created the, he…

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Letters to the Editor, Mar. 12 – 18

Goncharoff Responds Re: “Puppet Show” (Briefs, March 5): I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there are people who want to tarnish my character and reputation. After all, when you enter a campaign for public office, you have to expect such things. But it’s hard to express my disappointment that the Santa Cruz Weekly would…

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 26-Mar. 4

Wheels of Politics Re: “Spoke Out” (<a href=" In the article on the Bike Church being frozen out of the action distributing unclaimed lost and stolen bikes to youth in the community, the actual dynamic of the decision is apparent. Five of the seven of the city councilmembers believe staff reports above their own observations…

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