One reader gets smart with the concept of 3-D printing. Meanwhile a disc golf expert takes issue with a previous comment regarding the possibility of a new Soquel course.

Facts, Please

Recently I read an article on the plight of Soquel High trying to get a disc golf course at Anna Jean Cummings Park (“Projectiles in Flight,” Currents, March 21.html). Today I read a response to that article (“Use DeLaveaga,” Posts, March 28.html).

The response was totally incorrect.

Regarding Pinto Lake, the disc golf community has re-energized the park opening up trails for the public to use and share. There are more people using this part of the park then ever before.  It is safe and open and we encourage the community to come out and enjoy this beautiful piece of property.

DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course is world-renowned. It is in a part of the park that was used for off-road vehicles and illegal dumping. The disc golfers cleaned it up and created one of Santa Cruz's most successful volunteer projects to date bringing thousands of dollars and unlimited recreational experiences for our community not only to individuals but families likewise.

I also noticed that the statement was signed “Soquelite.” It is easy for people to say things and not be accountable when they don't actually sign their name.

Tom Schot

Santa Cruz County

Ed’s note: The author designed the DeLaveaga and Pinto Lake disc golf courses.


Big 3D Dreams

Your article on desktop manufacturing/3-D printing (“The Fabrication Revolution,” Cover story, March 21.html) caught me right where I live. The people suspicious about my warehouse operation think I'm doing pot, but I'm not. I'm making my own Reese's Peanut Butter cups by the thousands (all the wraps I get from China by the boatload) on my big machine that reads right off my cell phone. The only problem was finding Milton Hershey's exact degree of sourness for the milk in the chocolate. And I've got bigger plans: A big Mercedes and a Steinway concert grand. Later a yacht and palace. And I'd like to copy Scarlett Johansson, but I'd need her spit to make her image, so will have to find a napkin she's left behind somewhere. In a couple years, when I've got a more sophisticated setup, I'm going to get some old DNA and try my hand at Nefertiti, Helen of Troy and Marilyn Monroe. Getting set up may be costly, but then again, with the right raw materials, I'll never have to buy anything ever again. Why should I when I can make everything I want on my own?

Richard Lynde




Due to an editing error in last week’s news story about fracking (“Under Pressure,” Currents), we inaccurately described the Monterey County area where the Bureau of Land Management wants to lease land for oil exploration. It is near Hames Valley, not in it. We regret the error.

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