Musical KR3TURE: Interview with Krikor Andonian

Krikor Andonian aka KR3TURE

Santa Cruz-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Krikor Andonian has been a part of several successful local projects, including now-dissolved audiafauna and the subsequent feral fauna. His ethereal and fluid themes combined with his own self-taught production style creates a very unique and rich musical signature. However, for the better part of the last decade, he has focused…

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Breaking Bamboo: Interview with Gold Panda

Gold Panda

Coming to Santa Cruz all the way from his London-based lair is the trailblazing and internationally acclaimed producer Gold Panda. Although he’s been around since bands were still making it on Myspace, not much is known about the man known for making ethereal, catchy, musical journey-inspiring sample based music. We got the chance to sit…

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Fabled: Interview with Aesop Rock


Every once in awhile in the music industry, an artist comes along who can’t really be considered part of the mainstream, but calling them underground doesn’t feel quite right either. Hip hop artist Aesop Rock falls into this gray area. In a genre where tracks and albums are usually churned out as fast and flashy…

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Legends of Drum & Base: Interview with Terravita


Before EDM exploded and began to dominate the festival, social media and tour circuit, most of the early artists in the genre toiled in relative obscurity. Sure, there were a few faceless giants like DJ Shadow and Tiesto that had huge (mostly European) followings, but the majority were relegated to grimy warehouses and corn fields.…

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The Doctor is In: Interview with Dr. Dog


Dr. Dog is a band from Philly that plays some damn good rock music, and they’ve been sharing it with sold out crowds around the globe for the better part of the last 15 years. True to that rough and weird Philly standard, they got their start recording DIY-style in a basement rehearsal space, releasing…

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