Desal EIR Delayed Again

The environmental impact report for the Santa Cruz desal plant, originally due September 2011, has been delayed a second time. Now city staff has given up on estimating specific months and instead started ballparking seasons.

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Forum Explores Water Swap Scenario

John Ricker, director of the Santa Cruz County Water Resources Program. Photo by Chip Scheuer.

Engineers for Water Alternatives is hosting a June 14 forum about conjunctive use, also known as water swapping, which is currently being studied by the county. The possible swap would involve pumping the San Lorenzo River’s surplus flows to other places in the county. The idea has made county water resource director John Ricker, who leads the study, quite popular with desal opponents—even though Ricker has doubts that this is the game-changer environmentalists have been awaiting.

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Lane and Terrazas Want Desal Ballot Measure

It might be an overstatement to say Santa Cruz’s discussion over desalination has been blown out of the water, but it definitely just changed. Mayor Don Lane and Councilmember David Terrazas will propose an ordinance at the next city council meeting that would put a desal plant to a vote sooner rather than later, as outlined in a statement released Wednesday, Feb. 15.

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