Aaron Carnes

Staff Writer

Local Hip-Hop Crew Slop Opera Returns

Santa Cruz emcee Ross Rock is getting the whole 11-piece crew together on stage for the first time when Slop Opera plays Bocci’s Cellar on Feb. 7.

The crew in hip-hop used to be the standard, unlike today where most rappers are solo artists. Locals Slop Opera, who formed in 2004, have those old school hip-hop values—they’re overachievers, in fact, as most crews back in the day had three, four, maybe five guys. Slop Opera has eleven, which is even more than the ridiculously big Wu Tang Clan.

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Steep Ravine Leaves Home

The members of Steep Ravine, who met at UCSC, have moved to the East Bay to pursue their career. They’ll return for a show at the Kuumbwa on Friday.

It’s become clear to Steep Ravine that being an acoustic band has its advantages.

The band formed in Santa Cruz in December 2012, and after deciding they wanted to give a legitimate shot to doing music full-time, they all moved into a small house in the East Bay late last fall. This way, their thinking went, they’d be more centrally located in the Bay Area music scene.

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Crunching Your Own Numbers

Tracking everything from miles run to calories burned to hours slept, the quantified self trend is making the most of personal health data.

Yes, technology rules our lives. And it’s true that everyone is more plugged in now than ever before. But maybe that’s not always a bad thing. If we can look away from Candy Crush Saga for a few minutes, there are actually some potential health benefits to be had from technology invading every aspect of our lives.

The latest one to hit the pop-culture radar allows people to monitor every detail of their physical health. With easy-to-use devices like Fitbit Tracker and Jawbone Up to calculate activity, sleep and other stats, as well as smartphone apps that quickly track everything from calories to heart rate, anyone can precisely graph the path to their health and fitness goals.

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