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B12 Happy Hour

Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center
Sat Jan 6 10am - 12pm every Saturday Ages: family friendly

About B12 Happy Hour

B12 Happy Hour Saturdays!
*Every Saturday 10am - 12pm
At the Santa Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center

Come and get your Happy Hour B12 shot!
Try one of our Add-Ons for just $5 (B-Complex, B6, Folic Acid or Lipo)
Or try one of our B12 specialty shots for $29 (Sunshine Shot, Pain Ease, Weight Loss and more!)

Why B12?

Your body needs B12 to create energy & is not well absorbed from the diet or in capsule form.
Everyone can benefit from a B12 shot - especially those who live a busy life, athletes, seniors, vegetarians, vegans, and people on prescription meds.
After B12 injections many patients feel a natural (not jittery) boost in energy.

B12 treats:

fatigue, anemia
thyroid/adrenal imbalance
anxiety, depression, insomnia
PMS, menopause, acne
allergies, herpes, psoriasis
nerve pain, dementia
obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis
& more!

Cost: $17 during Happy Hours! (A savings of over 30%)

Walk-ins only during Happy Hour.

*If you're not able to come in during Happy Hour, you are welcome to make an appointment. The cost for a B12 shot outside of Happy Hour is $5 more.

Call the Center at 831.477.1377 to find out more about B12 injections
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