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Embody Kabbalah Within Your Senses

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About Embody Kabbalah Within Your Senses

Embody Kabbalah Within Your Senses

6 Classes: Mondays, Jan 20-Feb 24
7-9pm $18 per class/$108 for series

The Living Tree Of Life in your Body, Heart, Mind and Soul!
Smell, Hear, Touch, See, Taste & Envision Sephirot
*Emanation Energy Centers* through Art, Music, Thought, Feeling, Spirit
This is a very different Kabbalah class!
* Ritual & Experiential Emanation
* 4 Dimensions & 5 Soul Levels
* Float in the heavenly healing resonance of crystal bowls
* Sing ancient healing tones of Hebrew
* Listen to the depth of your soul in The Living Tree Of Your Life.

831-247-1489 for Info
Michele Newman is a Clairvoyant, Channel & Spiritual Guide,
Leader & Teacher in the Jewish Community,
Singer-Songwriter, Sound Alchemist
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