Haji Basim and Arindam Krishna Das - Kirtan and Song Circle

DiviniTree Yoga & Arts Studio
Sat Feb 24 7pm Ages: family friendly
Arindam Krishna dasHaji Basim

About Haji Basim and Arindam Krishna Das - Kirtan and Song Circle

Haji and Arindam return to DiviniTree bringing Kirtan, Songs from the Soul, Sound Healing, Meditation and Storytelling to this Sacred Space... Prepare yourself for a Heartfelt musical journey with these Spiritual Troubadors.

Eclectic Sound Sessions
Kirtan and Song Circle
When: Saturday Feb. 24th / 7:00pm
Divinitree Yoga - 1043B Water St,, Santa Cruz, Ca
$15 at the door

Arindam Krishna Das:
Known locally for his work in Musical Theatre, Arindam has penned over 100 songs. Inspired by places of transcendental solitude among local redwoods, playing in bands, or busking in the crowded NYC Subway tunnels, Dam Square in Amsterdam and our very own Pacific Avenue, he endeavors to follow and serve wheresoever the Muse leads him. He feels doubly blessed to have found his home here in Santa Cruz among the redwoods and the ocean, and to be able to share his Heartsongs in this forum.

Haji Basim:
Is an internationally-known singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, meditation instructor, and music teacher. For the past 7 year's, Haji Basim has toured the world performing and holding music and meditation workshops. During a time in India, Haji studied the Sitar with a teacher to learn about the sacred sounds of Indian Classical Music.
“It is not genre that makes music great, but the ability to translate feeling and healing through sound...” -Haji Basim

Haji Basim Sings "Let Love Lead"—Seattle Unity Church—02-10-2013

video:Haji Basim Sings
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