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About How We Win Online Workshop

A workshop to help activists understand and develop effective strategies for nonviolent direct action campaigns.
Learn how to start and conduct a nonviolent direct action campaign, including addressing racism, sexism, environmental destruction and other oppressions. The goals of the workshop are to help activists:
*Identify your power
*Understand polarization
*See the uses of Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns.
Facilitators were trained by George Lakey to deliver this workshop based on his book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning. “If you want to be a soldier, you can go to West Point. If you want to be a nonviolent change-maker, George Lakey has both remarkable stories and remarkable insights–not to mention some remarkable colleagues who add their perspective to this necessary manual.” — Bill McKibben, co-founder
Co-organized by Novasutras and the Resource Center for Nonviolence
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