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Imagine Healing Workshop Series: Relationships and Healing

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About Imagine Healing Workshop Series: Relationships and Healing

Imagine Healing Workshop Series
Healing and Relationships with Marlon Guarino and Lorenia Parada
Saturday March 28, 2020 12-2pm

Louden Nelson Community Center

This is a two hour workshop on healing our relationships.

As we all yearn for healthy connection, the purpose of their work together is to facilitate body-mind experiential practices to explore our needs to feel seen, heard, felt, soothed and safety, so we can re-cover our inner innate resources to experience health fulfilling relationships.

All are welcome.

Marlon Guarino is a bi-lingual psychotherapist whose approach is holistic and deeply rooted in the mind-body-spirit-nature connection.

Lorenia Parada Ampudia, MA - from her extensive experience as leader in creating groups, alliances international networks, she developed her own approach to healthy relationships and creative self-awareness leadership
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