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Rhythm Power® Play Shop: Uplift & Empower Yourself Through Rhythm
Cost: $30. Cost: $30. in Soquel Village. Advanced registration required to save your spot since I keep these sessions small.

I will provide African Djembe drums, or bring your own, or bring your own favorite percussion instrument, and I will include it!

This hands-on workshop is a fun exploration of beginning and intermediate levels of universal rhythmic principles that are found in cultures worldwide. These principles can also be applied to any and all other instruments!

We will cover groove, pulse, downbeats, upbeats, patterns, cycles, savoring the space between notes, tempo, volume, creating your own variations of common rhythms, getting rhythm out of our heads and into our bodies, and playing rhythmically with other people.

In addition to these fundamental rhythmic principles, we will use rhythm as a vehicle to reinforce down-to-earth life skills, and to internalize positive, powerful Life Rhythms, such as:
-Breathing in relaxed, deep patterns
-Creating a calm inner pulse, even when living a fast-paced life
-Enhancing clarity & focus, and getting into a solid Groove Zone
-Energizing & connecting Mind, Body & Spirit
-Celebrating & reinforcing the Blessings of Life by living with passion & purpose!

For more information about my teaching: & 831-462-3786

*To register: [email protected]

Play is the highest form of research.
– Albert Einstein

Come play!
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