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Join the World Harmony Chorus!

Louden Nelson Community Center
Wed Jan 15 7:15pm every Wednesday Ages: family friendly

About Join the World Harmony Chorus!

You Can Sing!

The World Harmony Chorus fall session is starting, with a repertoire of music from around the world. We'll be singing songs from Kenya, Iceland, Bulgaria, Venezuela, and many places in-between.

Everyone is welcome, there are no auditions and no singing experience is necessary (experienced singers are also welcome, and there are solo opportunities for those who would like them). All parts are taught by ear, and musical transcriptions are provided. All ages are welcome, though children under 9 might find it a bit daunting.

If you've never experienced the magic of singing in a choir, or if you've always thought of yourself as someone who "just can't sing", this is a great way to start.

** Nobody will be excluded for financial reasons. **

Singing in a chorus is one of the most exciting and spiritual experiences in the world. I encourage you to come and try it the end of the first session, you'll be amazed at what the group can achieve.

Please join us for another fun and musical season!

Email [email protected] for more details.
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