About Left Bank Brunch

Bad Animal is hosting 'Left Bank Brunch' on Sundays from 11-2. The Left Bank title is a nod to the artistic and bohemian enclave in Paris, though we're also on the left bank of the mighty San Lorenzo River and on the left coast of the continent. The brunch menu will retain a focus on California-French fare. In the afternoon hours, we'll also be putting on a series of lectures and readings, all free and open to the public. The first run of lectures, in keeping with our theme, will focus on "The Adventure of French Philosophy." Live music and vinyl spinning throughout the day. To paraphrase one of the founders of this great nation: boozy, decadent brunches are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. For details, please visit our website, www.badanimalbooks.com, or follow us on instagram, @badaniamlbooks
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