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Make Your Own Valentines with Patrice Vecchione

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About Make Your Own Valentines with Patrice Vecchione

Join local artist, poet, and writer Patrice Vecchione (Step Into Nature: Nurturing Imagination & Spirit in Everyday Life) at Bookshop to make a special Valentine and write a love poem—just in time, so you won’t be caught empty-handed! As Patrice Vecchione sees it, "I think of collage as a visual poem. Poetry distills experience into language. Often disparate ideas and emotions coalesce. Collage unites images from varied sources to tell a new story. Each image—a ladder, a red cape, a violin—is like a single word or a phrase. Collage and poetry both work similarly to how memory does—we retain a ribbon of memory from that day and another from years before. There in that mix are the stories of our lives. Just as in poetry, not everything is spoken,
room is left for the viewer’s imagination."
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