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NORMA opera by Bellini

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About NORMA opera by Bellini

Bellini's NORMA in Santa Cruz
Written by Romantic-era Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini in 1831, Norma is a tragedia lirica in two acts that take place in 50 B.C. Gaul. It features Bellini's signature long melodies and is considered a masterpiece of the bel canto genre, which is defined by a highly expressive style of singing. Norma also features one of the all-time great soprano arias, Casta Diva. As such, the opera is considered a defining role for operatic sopranos. The priestess Norma has had an illicit affair with Pollione, an officer in the forces occupying her land, and has had two children by him. Pollione has now tired of Norma and taken up with the younger priestess Adalgisa. Meanwhile, Norma's people cry out for rebellion against the occupying forces. Will Norma take revenge on Pollione, and will her people discover her secret?

One Performance Only! Tickets: $15-$37. Discount Code: BELCANTO
Wine, Appetizers, Starbucks Coffee included in the Ticket Price.
Wine Reception begins 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Sunday, June 2nd, 3:00pm

Veterans Memorial Building, 846 Front St., Santa Cruz

PHONE: (408) 391-5785 | EMAIL: [email protected]
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