Psychic Sound Healer-Michele Newman

Avalon Visions Center for Creative Spirituality
Tue Dec 17 7pm - 9pm every and 3rd Tuesday Ages: 18+

About Psychic Sound Healer-Michele Newman

Psychic Sound Healer! Uplifting Humanity One Soul At A Time!
$15. Call Avalon Visions to purchase ticket & RSVP
(831) 464-7245
No one turned away
Everyone can ask a question to the Spirit Guides

Michele’s clairvoyant, spirit-guided reading of auras, accessing akashic records is inspiring & healing:
· Transforming relationships, emotions, finances, health
· Learning about past lives
· Meeting spirit guides & angels
· Connecting with ancestors
· Receiving psychic development mentoring
· Creating your Business Vision & Strategies

Join Us for a deep sonic journey into healing on a cellular level with harmonic, alchemical crystal bowls. Feel free to sit up or lay down in a restorative pose and receive this uniquely relaxing expression of compassion. Immerse your whole being in healing crystal bowl sound resonance and Michele's Angelic Voice. Experience Vibrational Frequencies that reverberate through your cells and your soul.

After years of helping people with cancer & life-threatening conditions, Michele is offering her process to healthy people who love it! She’s an intuitive, singer-songwriter, Priestess of Isis, spiritual guide, Sound Alchemist.

Come to a group sound healing & psychic session with individual questions
or contact Michele for a private session by phone, Skype/Zoom or in-person

Happy Clients are Talking!

* "Michele's voice sounds like an Angel Singing!"
* "You always have the right thing to say that is Life-Affirming and Soul-Strengthening! Thank you for your strong heart."
* "This is life-changing! You have the insights and tools to push me through. Thank you!"
* "My utmost gratitude for your beautiful work. It was a sweet dive into my inner child self. Your sacred tones and caressing words helped my nervous system surrender with 'You Are Safe, You Are Safe.'"
* "What a gift of divine sound concert I received from you last night! It was so harmonious and healing. I actually slept better, too. I'm still vibrating. Many thanks!"
* "You're so gifted & loving, Michele. I now know that I can speak my truth and have a strong voice."
* “Michele, you’ve enriched my life fully on the spiritual and emotional level. You taught me how to open up spiritually in ways that I never knew how to do."
* "Thank you so much, dear sweet Michele. You are an angel and I am so honored to know you!"

* "Michele's gift of sound invokes peace, deep healing and change. Whether she is speaking to you, singing or playing the bowls, she communicates with intent to positively affect our inner landscape. You leave Michele's session realigned with your thoughts and actions, bringing you to a place of deep and powerful peace."
Michelle Brusseau
* "I have worked with Michele in both her sound healing and channeling modalities with awesome and life changing results. She is a pure, compassionate being and the healing space she provides is safe and loving. She has helped me release traumatic events in my life that limited me and brought wisdom that supported me in fully aligning with my life's purpose. Most recently we did a channeling session around my emerging business. We went back into a past life and the experience not only helped me understand why I was unable to move forward, but the profound truths uncovered brought tremendous, unexpected healing that has left me feeling amazingly lighter, freer and ready to manifest everything I desire! I am so grateful and really looking forward to our next adventure together!!"
Cindie Ambar, Happy Horses Sound & Energy Healing, Aptos, CA
* "In my session with Michele, we worked with grief that I’ve been carrying for years. Michele‘s Crystal Bowls & her beautiful sounding voice helped me process & move a lot of grief out of my field & brought me into a higher attunement & frequency. I highly recommend Michele’s Healing Modalities & Gifts. She is a true healer! Call her now!"
Yvonne Trafton, Mt Shasta, CA
* "Thank you so much, Michele. Our sound healing session made such a big difference in my life physically, mentally & spiritually. My physical pains have disappeared. I feel a loving, compassionate heart and calm mind. I feel like a different person today, like a new me being reborn & able to face the same difficult situations in my life. I’m dealing with it all from a completely different perspective and people in my life are responding to me with a whole new outlook because they sense my new compassion & forgiveness. I feel like I’ve found myself again! I feel like my wings are getting stronger and I’m ready to fly!"
Miriam T.
* "Thank YOU for holding me in your comforting space yesterday. The reading was startlingly accurate and perceptive. I am going to play the recording each morning, to remind myself of the tools you gave me."
Victoria S.
* "Michele blew me away. I felt the presence of the Guides immediately, which opened up my heart chakra. Their insight was surprisingly practical. I just loved it. It gave me direction & guidance for my new business. You should get a reading with Michele!"
Helen Lu
* "I am so grateful for the day I met you. It's my honor to know you. Thank you for your amazing work. You have great gifts to offer and help people make huge shifts in consciousness. You lift them up and recognize their power, seeing who they really are inside. Our sessions have opened me up to my gifts. This is life-changing."
Fariba Ansari
* "Thank you for your incredible healing gifts. I experienced deep healing that I needed to be able to come into new awareness and share a healing vibration of love with people in my life. You've touched me very deeply. Gratitude for helping me to grow into strength and courage. We conversed on a very down to earth level about my circumstances. Your empathic gifts made a powerful impact on me.

"Thank you for helping me rediscover JOY, wonder & amazement as I continue on a unique journey with a very deep, true love guiding my heart. I am learning many lessons, and I truly see, that despite the pain, these lessons ARE great gifts. I’m telling my friends about your amazing abilities!

"Miracles continue to unfold!. I can’t wait to see you again!"
Christina Raciti
* "Thank you for the wonderful channeling full of light & wisdom! My soul’s true purpose, buried inside since I was a child, obscured by conditioning, is finally clear. Your impeccable clarity gave analogies, tools & practices that I can use right now, as I transition into my new path. I’ve been struggling with my job, health & inner well-being for 3 years. You have given me confidence to listen to my inner voice, my soul song, divine spark of god consciousness or Buddha-nature. I'm grateful for your blessings as I move forward, inspiring & uplifting others into higher consciousness towards Awakening."

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