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About Start With Yourself - Reach Your Goals in 2017

Start With Yourself Workshop - A mindful start to setting outrageous Goals and Crushing them in 2017

A new year brings a clean state and the promise of new beginnings. Without awareness, it's easy to get caught up in a long list of new goals that stem from "shoulds," "musts," and external expectations.
What if we took a more mindful approach to New Year's Resolutions? What if we rooted this annual goal-setting tradition in deep awareness, appreciation, and compassion?

In this 2-hour workshop, you will:
* Move through an all-level TaoYin yoga and Qi Gong stretch practice
* Meditate using introductory meditation techniques for all levels
* Mindfully set intentions for the week, month, and year ahead that focus on your process—not just your desired results
* Match your attention with your intention what is the one area that you can focus on, and if you did, every other area of your life would change for the better

This workshop is appropriate for anyone wishing to approach the new year more intentionally. Bring water, yoga mat, a journal, notebook, or computer and any draft resolutions you're considering for 2017! You'll leave with a (potentially new!) plan, having had space to pause, breathe, and reflect.
We start with a series of questions and mental exercises (a little soul searching if you will) to get inside your mind and find what you really want in life.
You will leave with clarity, focus and a wildfire of motivation!

Uncover your COMPELLING WHY?Discover your UNIQUE gifts, talents and opportunities?Develop MOTIVATING CLARITY to give every day DEFINING PURPOSE

When you’re clear and focused on what you want and why, you make better decisions about where to invest your time and money.
Imagine the value of better decisions over the course of 2017 and beyond!
So if success isn’t an accident, but rather a purposeful pursuit of specific outcomes, why do so few people have motivating clarity about their daily activities?

Design a compelling life that will energize and fulfill YOU.

We have carefully created a beautiful space and clear environment where you will rekindle your most courageous ambitions.

You’ll start the New Year with written, clearly defined goals, timelines and action plans. 
Sure, it’s unbelievably motivational.  But it’s also highly practical.  And if you play full out, your life will never be the same. 

Imagine yourself more clear, more focused, more motivated than you’ve ever been!

RAFFLE tickets at the door. To take away the barrier, we are making this a FREE event to anyone who wants to come.
100% proceeds from raffle ticket sales go towards a SCHOLARSHIP for our upcoming 12-week Start With Yourself program. To apply, write 100+ word essay on WHY you want to Start With Yourself and post to Facebook, tagging us at Start With Yourself.

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