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About YoniVerse Monologues

YoniVerse Monologues is an Evening Storytelling Performance, showcasing extraordinary ordinary women in our community who have written an original story based on their true life experiences. These women have spent 7 months with Master Storyteller Sirena Andrea in her performance training program writing their stories and learning the art of storytelling.

Men & Women, Cis & Trans, All are invited to this moving performance to listen and be transformed by the courage and wisdom shared in these stories. *Young adults are also welcome, when accompanied by a parent or guardian. ((sexual content, language, and adult themes to be expected))

“The lessons I experienced in the YoniVerse enrich every aspect of my life, informing my journey as a woman, performance artist, and human being.” -Makana, 2017 Storyteller

A portion of our proceeds every year goes to a Local Beneficiary. This year we are raising money to support the Coalition To End Human Trafficking in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. https://www.coalitiontoendhumantrafficking.org/

YoniVerse Monologues was created to support women from all walks of life in uncovering and revealing the wisdom buried within their true life experiences, so that they can move forward in their lives with meaning and compassion creating empowered lives.

Celebrating Men Attending YoniVerse Monologues Performances

video:Celebrating Men Attending YoniVerse Monologues Performances

Marya Stark- Breaking The Silence (Live)

video:Marya Stark- Breaking The Silence (Live)

YoniVerse Monologues

video:YoniVerse Monologues
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